Lynn may have bigger plans for Hockenson, fresh off a Pro Bowl season

As long as those plans don’t come with an injury.
Just keep being you Hock. Move the chains, put up 6.


He might be all Goff has to throw to!

We’re gonna snag 2 WRs that will contribute heavily and/or start in the first 3-4 rounds of the draft (I’m hoping first 3).
Trade back -
WR first
RB late first/eary 2nd
WR & OL in 2nd and 3rd

^^Dream scenario for the bald one (not to be confused with Baldwin)

I hope he has some kind of plans for Jesse James other than not using him.


I like it his game has grown a lot and proven itself a weapon defenses need to respect. Let’s keep developing the traits and up utilization. Hock is so much better than James, contract shouldn’t dictate playing time. Another junk investment. If we keep James imo he’s a great oxygen mask and injury hedge for hock.

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jeeze i hope not—we do have to find another receiver with marve and amadola most likely gone—that will only leave galloday"“franchize tag?”–cephuss–and i think mike ford–if he’s still on the practice squad??