Mac Jones to Niners at 3? Or smokescreen?

IMO this might help us trade down with someone who wants to get Fields or Lance at 7…unless those jerks from Miami trade again…



No reason to smokescreen with the top two locked in and the fact they traded up into the spot (and thus not smokescreening to entice a trade up).

I don’t buy it at all. Mac Jones is not a top-3 pick in any way.

1000000000000000000% AGREE no way is Jones going 3 to 49ers

They’d be absolutely insane not to take Justin Fields. He’s becoming very underrated.

Post-trade, there’s no reason for the 49ers to smokescreen, especially after they gave up a King’s ransom in draft picks to move up.

Greg Cosell’s comments on the top five (5) QBs, plus 1:

While searching for something else, came across this interesting article:

If Quinn & Co. missed on a QB, it may have been Herbert, not Tua.


The 49ers may not be locked in on Jones, but they’re taking a QB. You don’t make that move, especially right now, without knowing you’ll be happy with someone you expect to be sitting there.

They have really high first round grades on two of the remaining four QBs after pick one.

Not true. While unlikely, they don’t want to give anyone any reason to make the Jets an offer they can’t refuse. An RGIII offer. If it leaks that they want Fields and Carolina really wants Fields too, you think they wouldn’t offer the moon, given how aggressive their owner is?

I also think this Jones smoke isn’t coming from anything real. It’s just guys like Chris Simms, who is Shanny’s friend, saying that he’s the type of QB Shanahan will like. It’s everyone equating him with Kirk Cousins. It’s just a bunch of internet speculation that’s gotten out of control.


Disagree. They don’t make that trade unless they are comfortable with three QB’s. My guess is if Wilson doesn’t go #2 then they are more then happy to take him. Like others have stated, there is no reason for a smokescreen in this situation. Didn’t Shanahan, Lynch, and Lafleur all attend Jones Pro Day while the assistant GM was at Fields?


Well I disagree with this lol. Agree to disagree I suppose. But this is a huge, franchise altering decision the Niners have made, I really don’t think they’ll leave anything at all up to chance by admitting “this is the guy we want.” No way. Why take that risk?

Sure, it’s unlikely anyone will pay the Jets enough to move them off that spot, but it’s not impossible. And it cost the Niners literally nothing to continue with the gamesmanship, whereas admitting who they want could cost them quite a bit. It’s just simple risk/reward.

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But if you were locked in on one guy not named Lawrence, you’d wait until the draft and the pick is on the clock before making that deal. Just in case you do get scooped and the guy you want is gone.

Making the trade now, they’re positive there will be someone there they want and feel is worthy of what they gave up.

Not risking what they gave up to pray a smokescreen works. Not sure anyone is that big a gambler.

IMO it will be Jones an they will trade Jimmy just before the draft . Jones can step in an run the show he is only one of 3 remaining.

Jones was interviewed an he I think knows he is going to 49’s he said things about the O an he said he expects to learn a lot more.

He moves better than you think yes he is not a running QB but thats why you have RBs…He is super accurate an he reads field maybe better than all 5 QB’s.
He makes all the throws during games an at pro days.

If Fields is gone they take Wilson. If Wilson and Fields are gone they take Lawrence.

This is what I think as well. The obvious question after the trade is “why?” And I think what we heard immediately was some media people trying to fill in the blanks, and other sources ran with it. There is no way John Lynch hung up the phone and then immediately called someone in the media to say “oh yeah, we definitely did that to get Mac Jones!” Heck, I think Lynch was at the Wilson pro day when the trade went down.

I know how much you love Fields! I have to say after watching Field’s pro day today, I’m impressed. He looks like a top 5 pick to me. Serious dual threat, he might have the most potential of all the QB’s, just might be a little riskier than some of the other QB’s. That 49ers offense would be a fantastic fit for Fields, especially because they already have a top 5 rushing attack.

One thing some players and coaches who have worked with Kyle Shanahan shed light on is that Kyle is very confident (cocky) about his ability to work with QBs. Give him any of the top 5 guys and they are all better than the guys he’s had to work with so far (Mullins and Beathard) and better or at least healthier than Jimmy G. The convo might go down like this:

Lynch - “Kyle, who do you want?”
Kyle - “I don’t care John, give me anybody who can stay healthy for more than 6 games. I only got 1 full season out of Jimmy and I delivered a Super Bowl appearance.”
Lynch - “Good point, we will make the move and take whoever falls to us. All of them are an upgrade to our current situation.”
Kyle - “Cool. Do you have any referrels for massage girls?”
Lynch - “What?”
Kyle - “Huh?”
Lynch - “What did you say?”
Kyle - “mumble, mumble, mumble.”

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I actually think it Mac Jones is the target. As Bucky Brooks would put it, “Kyle want a joystick.” He wants a QB that will flawlessly execute what Kyle calls and he’s okay with some trade offs with other skills in order to get it.

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I think he wants a guy who is a joystick and also has the traits. That’s what you’re looking for when you trade up to #3, right? Guys like Cousins and Garropolo you can get later in the draft.

That’s why I think his target is Lance. He’s the only one of the top QBs who called his own protections (and that includes Lawrence), he’s proven he takes to coaching and does what’s asked, and his leadership and work ethic are said to be excellent. I can’t help but remember the press conference Shanahan had after the Bills smashed them and he talked about how having a guy like Allen was almost an unfair advantage. I think he wants his own version.


He would be a much better pick than Fields at 3!

Jones is so under appreciated it’s ridiculous!


Cam Newton–No. 1 overall;
Jake Locker–No. 8 overall;
Blaine Gabbert–No. 10 overall;
Christian Ponder–No. 12 overall;
Andy Dalton–No. 35 overall;
Colin Kaepernick–No. 36 overall.

Somebody’s likely to fail, whether it be Fields, Lance, or Jones.

Somebody’s likely to surprise, possibly Kellen Mond.

In any event, grand pronouncements about QBs are fool’s gold–sometimes all you get are magic beans–or the Josh Freemans of the world.