Mac Jones

How come there isn’t more talk about this kid? He had a monster monster season this year. I don’t want to hear the jazz about how good their skill position players are. Look at Joe Burrow’s skill players last year- Jefferson, Edwards-Helaire, Moss and others. He went #1OA. I am not going to lie I haven’t seen much of Jones and I am basing most of this off of #'s alone but it’s not like he put those numbers up at Hawaii! Honestly Burrow only had 1 good year at LSU. Does Jones lack arm strength or something? Do you think he will move up the boards as the draft gets closer? What do you guys know about him?

If you watched the '19 LSU offense and the '20 Bama offense, you can tell Burrow was the engine that made LSU go and that Mac is a product of the talent around him. Burrow would run read options to secure games. Mac would’ve just thrown a slant or something to his top 3 pick reciever behind his all NFL O line.

LSU had Damien Lewis, Loyd Cushenberry and Saddiq Charles. 2 of the 3 were instant starters and the other blew out his knee (Charles) Two 3rd round picks and a 4th rounder. That’s a pretty good O-line to play behind.

Yeah, but they didn’t have the Outland AND Remington winner on the same line like Bama did.

I like Mac Jones. I think he’ll make a solid pro.

It’s still early in the offseason but he’s been mentioned around here.

I am a little torn on him. Let me explain why.

Positives are his impressive numbers and accuracy. At a glance the guy looks like a top shelf QB. But if you look deeper there are concerns.

He dumps off a lot … I mean at a crazy high rate. 34% of the passes he threw were dump off passes behind the LOS.

Moore than half of his 4500 yards came after the catch. Which is a clear indication he had great WR’s. Which he did.

He’s also not the super athletic type that teams are covering today. He’s more of a pocket passer type.

With all this said I still think he’s a first round talent and if he lands in the right system in the NFL he could have a lot of success.

I think he’s best suited to go to a team that utilizes a short passing attack. Like say NE or SF.

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LSU Tigers offensive line has been selected as the 2019 winner of the Joe Moore Award for the Most Outstanding Offensive Line Unit in College Football . The announcement was made by The Foundation for Teamwork which has presented this unique award since 2015.
Joe Moore Award (Nation’s top O-line)

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So was the Bama line this year. 2 Bama players also won the Rimington and Outland trophies. LSU didn’t win either. I bet you also see at least 1 of them drafted in the first round this year. LOUIS line didn’t do that.

This guy had perhaps the easiest job that any college QB’s every had. Throw to four first round draft picks. Hand it off to a first round draft pick. Stand in the pocket behind the Joe Moore award winning offensive line (and a bunch of first round draft picks). Sit on sidelines while defense with 7/8 first day picks keeps your leads. It’s unprecedented, even more so than Burrow.

Personally, I think he’s your classic “system QB” like Klingler, Ware, Timmy Chang, Jason White, Kingsbury, etc… If he’s gonna be successful in the pros, he needs a system that displays his strengths while mitigating for his weaknesses.