Madden & Jameson Williams speed


He might be able to run faster than Addison drives!


I read it as jamaal Williams and was very confused. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::joy::man_facepalming:t2:


Comment of the week, congrats

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I just looked it up, because I thought he would be a 99. They gave Tyreek Hill the only 99 in the game. Jamo, Waddle and Tyriq Woolen are the only 98’s. The Pats have a player named Ameer Speed that has a 95!

The Madden 24 game engine makes his speed a lot more usable, for anyone on here that might play it.

I think it is dumb that waddle who ran a 4.37 combine 40 got a 98. There are dozens of nfl players who have ran faster than him. Gibbs had better get the 98 speed as well then.

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What speed rating did they give achane?

Who was the slowest?

Teez Tabor!


What’s his hands rating?

Their speed ratings are based off of actual speed, but also production. For example, John Ross was 99 speed(the correct rating), but they lowered him to 96 when he busted as a player.

The ratings will wiggle a little bit between now and the start of the season. But right now it looks like Raheem Mostert and David Achane have the highest speed ratings at 95 and Gibbs is at 94.

If you have listened to guys like Penei Sewell who say they were Lions fans based on having a Megatron and Jahvid Best, this is good news for developing new fans in the future. Its a real thing. Having a 98 speed WR and a 94 speed RB will be super enticing for kids to pick the Lions as their squad. Then sprinkle in a good offensive line, a tackle breaking menace in Montgomery, a competent QB, Sun God, Leaf with more speed sprinkled in and Hutch as a terror off of the edge on defense.

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