Magic beans, magic cap

Spinning this off from another thread as it’s come up multiple times.

Are Lions fans missing the forest for the trees?

Easy example is LA “mortgaging future” to win. Which seems bizarre for Lions fans to criticize given …we’ve never won a damn thing, so mortgaging the future doesn’t sound half bad if it gets us to a meaningful game in January.

Others take a different stance about building sustainably.

(Original thread for context: Suh, Stafford, and Kelly (because it’s January, deal with it) - #174)

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I’m sorry.

Is the goal to have a healthy salary cap, or win?


It’s to create a sustainable winning franchise, not a 2 year wonder. IMO they have mortgaged the future to win the next 2 years. I want a franchise like the Patriots that can sustain winning over a decade. You do that and your chances of getting to the SB increase. Not that complicated.


Uh, can I please have a Detroit Lions 2 year wonder? I’m kinda tired of the consistency we’ve seen over the past 50 years.


The Patriots are a unicorn.

The Rams are a playoff or playoff-competing team each of the last 5 years, including already with one Super Bowl appearance, and likely another.

If you go back further (but certainly after Detroit’s last year of relevance), they’ve won a Super Bowl.

And you, a Lions fan, are mocking their salary cap.

If you can’t see the hilarious and obtuse irony, I can’t explain it to you.


Why this needs to be said by Lions fan.

Irony is dead.



I would gladly trade 5 years of mediocrity for 2-3 Super Bowls…especially when we are sooooo used to decades of sucking with a ceiling of mediocrity


No. It’s to win in general. However you do it.

Here’s something else. What is the definition of a winning franchise?

Watch this if you think that the ultimate goal is to build a Patriots level franchise.

Lol. Detroit. The Patriots and winning for 20 years.

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Yes, they are mortgaging their future to win now. This is good debt to have.

From a cap perspective, I think the Rams are in better shape than the Lions.
From a talent perspective, the Rams are lightyears ahead of the Lions.
From a draft perspective, the Lions are way ahead of the Rams.

This is what Mayhew needed to do in 2014, unfortunately he really screwed up with Suh, he couldn’t have handled that situation any worse.

I’m thinking the Rams have 7-8 years before they get into a position where the Packers are.

I’d much rather have the Lions be in the Rams spot than in our spot . . . but there is hope, there’s always hope.


mortgaging the future to ‘win now’ is a great plan, if one does indeed ‘win now’

otherwise it just means a reckoning and rebuild coming up. Of course the Lions have been in perpetual reckoning for decades

Rams fans should hope they win a superbowl in the next few years because they aren’t going to have a lot of young blue chip talent coming in and they aren’t going to be able to stay under the cap when all those contracts come due to resign

Then again as a fan at least they get the excitement of winning playoff games now and be a legitimate competitor

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First I am not mocking their salary cap, I am just stating facts. They have put themselves in a position where a lot of high end players contracts will be ending AND they won’t have any draft picks to fill the pipeline with up and coming players.

Nate, not sure why you see the need to attack my opinion on how the Rams have gotten to where they are. I just don’t agree with the method they are using where they end up in that situation yet you attack my opinion. Just strange.

As far as the Pats being unicorns, there are several teams that have made the playoffs on a regular basis and in some cases won SB’s, the Saints are the first that come to mind. I just used the Pats as an example.

I’m done with this one, different opinions are just not accepted by the mob on here. Just as bad as politics.

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Only 5? I’d trade 20

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…and they most likely have at least another 2-3 highly competitive years.


Bro, you have been on fire!
Loving it!

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Magic beans?

I’d have taken Jalen Ramsey instead of the two first rounders.

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I think there’s an interesting dilemma, do you sell-out and hope for 1 Superbowl appearance…or do you not mortgage the farm and future and hope to compete for multiple Superbowls!!!

Lots of variables in trying to get to a Superbowl. Really, you just have to hope your team gets hot at the right time and hope your team can stay healthy. You can sign the greatest players on the earth and if they get injured, you’re no better than the worst teams.

If you are close and in a desirable market, you can hopefully draw-in some extra players. I’m not so sure we could do that here but possibly trade for good players on struggling teams like the Rams did with OBJ and Von.

If you go all-in and fall short, at least you tried.


Spare me the drama, I literally started a topic based on your perspective—one I find ODD given we’re Lions fans criticizing another team that makes an earnest attempt to win, but a perspective definitely worth discussing.

If you don’t want to have your ideas criticized, maybe an online forum isn’t for you.


And I think the Rams wouldn’t have spent draft picks like this on guys like Ramsey, Stafford, and Von Miller if they didn’t make the Super Bowl without them. (It was PI)

I think they saw that their foundation was good enough to get there, but lacked some game changers to push them over the top. They’ve obviously spent a bunch of capital on those guys but haven’t yet been able to get back there. They still could this year obviously.

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with anything you said @Snags, I guess I’m trying to say that you can’t build a great team by solely mortgaging the future. You need to have a draft/FA built base also.

I think the Rams have been “winning” ever since they hired McVay, being honest. Obviously the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, but sometimes that doesn’t happen (see Aaron in GB).

It’s really about the windows of opportunity. If you’re close to reaching the summit and have it within your means to do so, go for it. If that means there’s a painful retooling that spans a year or two, that’s ok. The real tragedy is when teams like GB never go all in despite having so much of the team built. Drafting Love in preparation of their HOFers departure is the type of frugality that keeps you out of the Superbowl.


No drama, I don’t mind at all debating the merits of how to build a winning franchise. I presented some facts about how the Rams got here, what they gave up and what the situation in 2024 will be for them. In my opinion come 2024 they won’t have any pipeline of young players via the draft to start filling in those positions they won’t be able to resign. I also gave another example of a team that I feel has longevity in building a consistent winner. I believe this is the way the Lions should do it, long term vision in keeping a solid foundation. Signing FA’s at the right time will be important but giving up as many draft picks as the Rams did just has not been done in a long time (that I can remember) and resulted in sustained success.

You didn’t discuss any of this, just decided that I was somehow mocking their salary cap and if I didn’t see some irony that I was unable to comprehend any explanation you would give.

"And you, a Lions fan, are mocking their salary cap.

If you can’t see the hilarious and obtuse irony, I can’t explain it to you."

Also I am not criticizing the Rams, I just don’t agree giving up that much future capital. If it works for them and they win the SB, then congrats to them.