Magic Beans or Win Now; Building a Quinn Winner in 2019

Did the two trades do both at the same time? One or the other? Neither?

Did NOT making a particular trade (PP) mean it’s Magic Beans time in 2019?


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I think it’s both-and. Not sure the Lions say, “OK, we’re all in for 2019!” as much as they say, “Let’s get progressively better every year, and short-term issues (Tate) are fine because we’re getting longer term value.”

That said, not sure anyone saw us as a SB contender in 2018. However, 2019 seems much more tenable.

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Getting Snacks wasn’t a half-year rental for us and I am pretty sure that is why we made the deal. I think we would have passed if he was hitting the market at the end of the year.

I get the business side of the Tate deal. It makes perfect business sense IF you do not believe you are in contention. I think if we were 4-3 instead of 3-4 the deal might not get done. I suppose that shows how slimmest the margins are. I think Tate goes on to really put a charge into Philly. I understand that his is a good deal for both sides really. My head gets it…

With Tate gone and Ziggy likely gone next year, there is some cap space to offer some great flexibility. I would think you will see 3-4 new players that fill roles with those monies.

I’m all about trading magic beans for good football players. And I would do it over and over, year after year.

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This team could definitely use more gas.

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Without Tate I think u see Stafford go throw his progressions a little better and I think that means Stafford starts attacking downfield more. Golladay and Jones both have the skill sets to make the lions offense dangerous even with the subtraction of tate.

Additionally that means more touches for Kerryon. That’s an addition by subrtractuon if u ask me

I think this is the future here …the days of rewarding loyalty is over …each player has a value and becomes a number
…We are family until one awe shit ruins the …“that a boy!”
I want to know real badly what the Marvin restructure was about ? Were we buyers and missed out or were we sellers and the restructure was about getting Marvin’s number down to fit under another teams cap for the remaining part of the season?
…Really if we were not sellers or buyers after the Tate deal was in place then you restructure Marvin and pay him more now with the cap room saved on trading Tate to free it up and lower Marvin’s number for next year not make him more expensive. …So we were selling or buying …Which was it ?

I am personally tired of ‘let’s build for next year.’ I would have rather seen us trade for quality players NOW, hold on to Tate, and try to win our division. Which we haven’t done in 25 years.

But, as always, I’m addicted, and will hang on to see where the roller coaster takes us.

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I’m in the same boat, but something’s different this time. I’m fine with “let’s build for next year” if it means that – like the Patriots – we have a reasonable shot when September rolls along. What I can’t handle is the roller coast of expectations that results in 0-16 or 7-9 or 10-6. I’d rather have a consistent franchise that produces a solid result capable of winning any given year. I’m guessing that’s Quinn’s strategy.

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We have a lot of money tied up in our offense. The reality of the situation, we just couldn’t afford Tate at 14 plus Million a year he is likely looking for. Sure we could fit Tate under the cap but it will be at the expense of adding talent on defense. I don’t believe this is a playoff caliber team so getting a 3rd for Tate is a good move instead of losing him for nothing. If the Lions are active in FA we wouldn’t have gotten a comp pick.

And he’d be even less affordable once Golladay’s agent convinces him of his real value …


I’m all about trading magic beans for good football players. And I would do it over and over, year after year.

In general, I agree. The league seems to really overvalue draft picks, so why not take advantage of that? Good players on reasonable contracts for low draft picks makes a ton of sense to me.

Man, I sure hope you’re right.
What I see are more sacks and throwing the ball away.

That’s what I see too. I really want to be wrong though.

I’m HOPING that Stafford steps it up. But he has already been spreading the ball around well, and I predict that our 3rd down percentage is about to go down…

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THIS!! I THOUGHT the goal was WIN NOW by Quinn, not wait and go “No it’s not going so hot…that’s too bad.” Guess I’ll deal Tate hope for a solid guy in the 3rd round …sing some defensive guys now an get past this season." kind of thing. MOJO you are spot on !!! , exactly how I feel. we lie down and come out flat. slow, unprepared , and take losses the rest of 2018 I’m going to be pissed ! Bob Quinn’s nuts are in a vice now to make this team WIN !!

right now he’s poking the bee hive with a stick and better have results and keep us trying to win football games against the remaining opponents this season…or he’s going to come out looking twice as bad as Caldwell. I’m so tired of the “maybe it’s next year BS!!” we always kick the can down the road and make up excuses for it, instead of going for it every season.

I think the trade does both.

Tate is in a contract year. He wants the ball and a contract. It’s a distraction. The Lions knew they weren’t going to resign him at the 14-15 mil that he’s expecting. So trade him now. Test Powell and TJ fir 8 games. If their not the future than use FA and the draft to bring in more options.

Loosing Tate shouldn’t be enough to cost a team the division. He wasn’t a long term solution so let’s find out what we have.

A 3rd was very good value. It gives the Lions more ammunition to move around on draft day.


that’s the thing Air , one or two guys can be the difference between a team being contenders/winners most seasons. screw with one or both can send your team reeling to correct itself, and that team may not win the games they once had OR look so dominant --for X amount of time afterwards.

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It’s really simple Wolf. If we thought we were contenders than we keep Tate. The Lions knew they weren’t contenders this year and that they had too many holes to fill. So they made a final offer to Tate. Tate declined so they traded him and got what they could for the future. Tate was gone at the end of the year. With him out of the picture they can better evaluate the players on the roster. This will tell them if they need to get a WR in FA or the draft.


That’s not coming for 2 years at least and Tate’s walk year could have lined up with that.

Well, we sure as hell aren’t contenders without him! Throwing away a season less than halfway through it is bullshit!
No excuses! No reasoning!
I’m not pissed at you, Air. But, I’m not likely to agree with you on this.
We hired Quinn to make this team better! To win! Or, at least to try to win!
If that was his reasoning, he told his team, “the season is over”. That’s not acceptable!

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