Mailbag: What will the Detroit Lions do with Jameson Williams?

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I’m not expecting much from Jamo this week. My guess is we use him in light duty. More than likely as a decoy to spread out the defense.

However with Jamo, Raymond and Gibbs we have enough speed to get behind that zone defense and take a shot down field. Or spread them out and open up Laporta and Gibbs underneath.

Dan should take a shot or two down field this week.


I’m keeping my expectations low. I expect 200 yards and 6 TD’s against Carolina. I think it’s reasonable.


Lots of eye candy with Jamo, Raymond and Gibbs for the defense to get distracted on.

This week, his main job is to be a deep decoy.
I’d use him and Gibbs/Lif outside to stretch the field and push the safeties back, leaving the intermediate routes open for JRey and LaPorta.

I think there ought to be a shot to him early, especially if the Panthers aren’t respecting the speed. Even if it doesn’t connect, you want those DBs to be thinking, “Shit, that would’ve been six if he caught that.”

Bryce be like, “hey, if you guys aren’t using Jamo…”

Jamo is going Deep on Sunday.

3 Touches … 2 Touchdowns


I want him to get 1 deep shot… and….

1 manufactured touch… preferably on a reverse or jet sweep.

Stretch the field vertically… and horizontally.

St Brown and DMo on Jamo:

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Monty excited about Jamo! Good to hear.

A hand full of targets within a dozen plays is a good start.

Unless something great happens, of course.

One less man in the box :smiley:

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Agreed on the first play of the game take a long shot and push that zone coverage back as the worry about the speed.

If they do that, I’d prefer it is when they have the ball closer to midfield or just past it so if it fails so it gives Dan 3 more downs to get the first.

That should work out good.
Win coin toss…. and defer.
Get a 3-and-out stop by the defense.
Raymond returns punt to near midfield.
:bomb: to Jamo…. :firecracker::boom:

Nfl Touchdown GIF by The Undroppables

I should go buy a power ball ticket while I’m hot….

That should work out good.
Win coin toss…. and defer.
Get a 3-and-out stop by the defense.
J Williams returns punt to near midfield.
:bomb: to Jamo…. :firecracker::boom:


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  1. Find a fast kid from Alabama :white_check_mark:
  2. Put him on the field and just give him the ball :white_check_mark:
  3. Dan Campbell running down the sideline yelling, “Man! This kid doesn’t know where to lineup…BUT HE SURE IS FAST!!!” :white_check_mark:

I’ve seen this movie before. The script has already been written

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