Major Movement on Okudahs draft odds

Not expecting him to go at 3. This is a GREAT sign if you care about the Lions organization getting it right.


Getting terrible draft value is what Quinn is all about. Have some faith yet kids, he’ll figure out a way to muck this up somehow.


Is there a lot of gambling done regarding the NFL draft? How long has that been the case?

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There is a ton of gambling done in regards to the draft. It has been popular for at least 5 years. Right now everyone is looking for something to bet on… a guy on twitter did 2400 push-up challenge in 12 hours. A sports betting site picked it up and offered wagering on it… there was over $1 million bet on it. Crazy times


Interesting. Do you think it somewhat correlated to the rise of daily fantasy sports?

Thank god

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Lol that’s hilarious. Yeah people will bet on anything and I guess they gotta be creative right now.

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Wow. Did he do it?

I could do it, I think. Only thing is, I can’t say for 100% certain because I’ve never really done anything like that before.

2400/12 = 200 per hour = 3.33 a minute.

If I were the owner, BQ would have 3 options in order
A) draft CY @ 3
B) trade down
C) if a A or B don’t get executed, then you’re fired

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If Quinn gets No 39 from Miami, I’d be happy with that.

If Quinn gets No. 37 from the Chargers plus a 3d Rd pick in 2021 or a swap of No 85 for No 71,I’d be happy with either.


Notice that Tua over 3.5 is at -167. If the odds Okudah drop to 5, would Tua also see an increase?

Possibly. Most of the DFS players are the definition of recreational and are in it more for entertainment, than to actually grind out a profit. Sports betting in general is a booming industry. Sports books offer more exotic wagers now than ever before.

Yep. Made it look easy.

Are there Vegas odds on a 16 game NFL season?

The shift in the line also points to what GM’s will likely need to do and take into consideration …if they want a choice of 2 QB’s Vegas thinks you need to move up to top 3 . Or Tua is being down graded and in order to land Herbert #3 is needed. This plays well to a move down for the Lions

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A top 3 trifecta prop still has Burrow, Young, Okudah going 1-2-3.

1 Burrow - 2 Young - 3 Okudah +150

1 Burrow - 2 Young - 3 Herbert +300

1 Burrow - 2 Young - 3 Tua +300

1 Burrow - 2 Young - 3 Simmons +1000

1 Burrow - 2 Tua - 3 Young +1400

Team to draft Tua:
Dolphins -140

Chargers +150

Redskins +900

Lions +1000

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One can only hope. I just can’t imagine why any teams would want to trade into the 3 spot.

That’s crazy talk …