Making the Hall of Fame call on 12 current players, including Matthew Stafford

Kinda how we all upgraded from Kelly to Christen


I honestly think you guys who try to discredit Stafford is because you love Goff. And for some reason want to protect him.

Great QB’s give you the best chance to win a SB. This is why it’s the most important position, and teams hang on to their #1 overall picks, go crazy with trades, or reach for a QB in the draft. I don’t care what anyone says, BH drafting Hendon in the 3rd was not because he wanted a back-up QB. The guy wasn’t then, or even now ready to be a back-up. They’re going to end up having 3 QB’s.

Good WR’s will get theirs. Good WR’s with good QB’s will break records.

Sorry but 900 yards for rookies don’t make you a HOF.

Stafford did it with 2 different players on two different teams, and then what he did with Puka. Only a great QB can do that. If you all think it’s coincidence then ask Stafford to pick out your lottery numbers. NO Goff isn’t doing it with Kupp. He just isn’t. To say it’s because Kupp was healthy, yada yada is nonsense.

Calvin, Kupp, and Puka aren’t doing that without Stafford. Moss isn’t doing that without Brady. Harrison isn’t doing that without Peyton. Great QB’s make you better. Thats a fact.

Let’s say Calvin played for Peyton in both their prime. Are we really going to sit here and think Peyton isn’t going to give Calvin the best damn stats in the history of football? Or say nah Calvin was healthy, Calvin could do it with anyone, Calvin made Manning? Get out of here.

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Moss did do it without Brady.
CJ would have been HOF with anyone
Moss would have been HOF with anyone

Amon had the best rookie season in Lions history including all the rookies who played with Stafford. It wasn’t due to Goff.

If Goff can magically make every receiver Amon, then why isn’t every rookie receiver Amon?
If Stafford can magically make every receiver Puka, then why isn’t every rookie receiver Puka?

Laporta just had the best rookie season for a TE and nearly the best overall TE season ever. As a rookie…Are you going to say Goff is responsible for that?

Some players are special and their quarterbacks are lucky to get them

crediting the players themselves isn’t discrediting anyone. Crediting a QB, however, for another great players greatness is discrediting them

Just wait until Christen starts throwing hot dogs at Packers fans :joy::joy:

Hot dogs make a much better weapon than pretzels… load them up with ketchup and mustard. The enemy is doing laundry for weeks.


That sounds ridiculous.

Do you mean it?

Depends on your criteria for HOF…

For me it should be for the best of the best. The truly elite guys for their generation. Stafford has never been that but I do think he could be a fringe guy with anouther really good season or two and a NFC Championship game appearance. Stafford appears to be playing his best ball so there’s a chance.

I’d say the same for Goff. He’s not elite but if he wins a Superbowl and continues to get better. He might have a slim chance.

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Then boo’ed him. He’s going in as a Ram if he goes in.

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The problem is saying Kupp would have had that year without Stafford and denying Stafford had anything to do with it. Of course he did. He elevates WRs. Without a doubt.


Again….you are not wrong. I mean prior to Stafford Kupp was a 90+ catch 1000+ 5-8 TD type. First year with Stafford he elevated. And he elevated because of ten work that both he and Stafford put in together :100:

And Galloday. And Tate. And Marvin Jones. And Puca, a rookie late rounder. This isn’t an abstract point. Its a point to nick Stafford with. “Oh well he always had great WRs”. Of course Moss and CJ are great WRs…why does that need to be said? It just happens to always be said by those who want to take away from Stafford.


Well I’m certainly not tryna nick Stafford. But I’m not gone give him too much credit either. :100:

For sure. The argument is that guys like Moss and CJ were destined to be Hall of Fame talents regardless of whom is slinging the rock. Freaks of nature


LOL, but it was all Kupp. He knows

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You’re right…I mean it’s why we pick certain WRs when we are playing fantasy….who’s throwing them the ball?? I picked plenty of WRs playing with Brady and Manning because I knew they would get them the ball! :100:

That does not show loyalty. That shows cowardice.

So…soemthing to think about.

Cowardice? What on earth are you talking about. It sounds more like the Lions couldn’t ever put a team around him the way they can now. He was late in his career, and he wanted a chance to get a ring. Do you also think Calvin Johnson was a coward? Barry Sanders? Those guys just chose to retire because the Lions refused to trade them.

I would totally understand why Stafford, if he ever gets the chance, would go into the Hall as a Ram.

Kupp certainly benefitted from Stafford and that Rams pass happy offense. They had the QB, o-line, and receivers that year to put up some numbers.

Calvin suffered from playing with Stafford. Fatty Matty put up a lot of jump balls and while they made for some great highlights for Calvin’s career, he also got the sh*t kicked out him for it. He would have been much better off with a guy like Manning throwing to him, thank you captain obvious, as their primes matched up pretty well. Would have been amazing.

I personally don’t think it was a coincidence that Calvin didn’t talk much about Stafford during his HOF speech. Or that he’s mentioned the guy is playing great now and was overweight when he played with him.

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Spicy take… Fatty Matty… if Kelly reads this you’re in big trouble Socko.

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There’s going to be a logistical problem if they induct Stafford. Between his fat head and ginormous teeth, they’re going to need to add a new wing to fit his bust.