Man Our Defense Needs to take a step up, to 16 or better

you want to win a bowl, your defense has to be better that 30th or whatever-Take a significant step forward .

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They’re in a much better position to do that with the additions of Reader, Davenport, Arnold, Rakestraw, Davis, and Robertson, and potentially, a full season of Melifonwu at safety.


We showed some improvement last year. We stopped the run very well. Pass defense was rough but Jacobs and Vildor playing huge snaps was not pretty. Notice no one has signed Jacobs and Vildor got vet minimum and will likely be cut.

Reader should really help.

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This team is going to have a Top 5 offense and a Top 10 defense. 20-0 with a Super Bowl.


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We can’t talk it , until we’ve done it @Davicus .

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Stop pissing in our koolaid Wolf…

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Lions were #19 in defense last year.

Schedule will be tougher… but anything outside the top 15 would be a disappointment considering the investments made this offseason.


To me it’s all about points allowed. I don’t really care if the other team gets a bunch of passing yards in the 4th quarter when the Lions are up 21 points. Or if you give up yards but are strong at red zone defense.

If we could be around 15th in points allowed with a strong offense and very good special teams. We are a super bowl contender for sure.

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This defense will do MUCH better.

  • Replaced B. Jones with Reader.
  • Replaced Romeo with Wingo.
  • Replaced C. Harris with Davenport.
  • Replaced Julian with Houston
  • Replaced Sutton with Davis
  • Replaced Vildor with Arnold
  • Replaced Jacobs with Moseley.
  • Replaced Walker with Robertson
  • Replaced CJGJ with Rakestraw
  • Replaced W. Harris with Vaki/Moore.

I think thats an upgrade at every single move.


Don’t care about the yards ranking.
Like @stephenboyd57 said, it’s about the points allowed. AND TURNOVERS!
I want to see us in the top 10 of turnover ratio. Like, +10.

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yeah what were we 32nd in getting torched by our opponents in OA yards??