Man, we needed this going into Dallas

We have a young team.

As such, AT&T stadium and the Cowboys could be intimidating. It’s less “can I beat the guy across from me” and the awe of the moment.

I get that our team doesn’t get rattled easy, but no team is impervious to the moment. At the end of the day, they’re humans, and even more, young humans. Young players. They haven’t seen everything yet.

Which is why winning a division title ON THE ROAD is so, so massive for momentum going into next weekend. They’ve earned a crown and are walking in as kings. This is now part of their identity—division champs.

I don’t know what next weekend will yield. I’m still basking in the glow of today. But man, it feels like we might be alright.

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BTW—I think Jamo has the game of his life next weekend.

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I totally wouldn’t be surprised by any outcome next Saturday.

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I’m looking forward to two games played with house money.


Up to this point. He’s gonna be special

We are the # 2 rushing team in the league and Dallas weakness is getting punched in the mouth. We are currently the #2 seed.

Dallas are 7-0 at home this year, winning those games by 20, 35, 23, 32, 35, 6 and 20 points. There probably isn’t a tougher game you could have, especially given that they’re fighting for their division and the home playoff game. If the Lions can win there then all bets are off, the Super Bowl is possible.

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