Anyone Star Wars nerds watching this show? It’s the only reason I bought the disney+ monthly subscription and I think it’s been totally fantastic so far.

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Not yet. Going to after the holidays.

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I considered getting the Disney plus package that comes with Hulu just for this reason as well. I heard the first couple episodes were really good but it has fallen off since, thoughts?

Disney plus is great…if you like Disney movies, and shows. It brings back my childhood, so I’ve been watching a ton of old school cartoon’s.

I’ve found all the episodes to be great, but some are ‘building’ episodes. These last two (6 and 7) have been fantastic. Jon Favreau has done an amazing job with this show. I’m going to be sad that next week (friday) is the last episode of the first season.

Probably won’t see Rise of Skywalker in the theatre based on how terrible Last Jedi was.

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They’re supposed to be introducing a bunch of marvel shows/series on D+ soon as well from what I’ve heard

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I got Disney+ because I wanted to see the Mandalorian but I haven’t cracked an episode. But the wife decided she wanted to go with me to see Rise of Skywalker tomorrow so she binged all 8 of the other SW movies in the last week. I like to binge shows and not wait for more episodes, good to know that Mandalorian is almost done for the first season, I’ll have to start watching.

I’ll end up trying it after the holidays because the wife wants to see it.

Not at all excited for the movie though, really. I’ve got Star Wars fatigue.

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I’ve really enjoyed it. they’ve really needed to get away from sith and jedi and have a ‘seedy underbelly’ kind of show. I liked Rogue One for that reason, and IMO Solo wasn’t terrible, but it would’ve been a good movie without it being solo, just set in the star wars universe.

and gina carano still gets it.


The most disappointing thing about the new Star Wars movies are the new characters and their motives. You have Finn, who’s just awful, I mean he’s a whiny coward who keeps running away and only fights to try and get some puss. Rae randomly knows how to resist a sith lord and can match him in a light saber battle? Ooooookay. And then Poe can’t be included in the plan for saving everyone until he forms a coup to take over the ship? And don’t even get me started on Snoke, how anticlimactic and ridiculous.


well, when disney bought star wars they had to start making movies. it’s an obvious cash cow. so they hired the ‘bright star’ of JJ abrams. Problem is, JJ is a photocopy artist. takes a script changes a couple things and off it goes. you can see that with force awakens being ‘a new hope’ just warmed over.

as a star trek fan I hated what he did. the 2009 trek is also ‘a new hope’ that’s changed with star trek characters, then the ick of wrath of khan 2.

but anyway, JJ came in, remade a new hope then walked away, and rian johnson who did the last jedi said JJ left nothing, no notes as to where this final trilogy was heading. IMagine that, the 7th thru 9th movies of a long series with no idea where to start or finish. It’s nuts.

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I remember thinking that after TFA, it was the same plot, just used a planet instead of a space station. But making the villain the equivalent of an angry teenage boy and killing off Han the way they did pushed it over the top for me. Just hot garbage…

I don’t know how the producers didn’t want a complete and coherent vision for something they were obviously going to make sequels to.


I think they just assumed that it’d be a money printing process. They were kind of right tho, but even the star wars resort they built is underperforming.

it’s a shame, there is a lot of stuff to mine from but they just went safe.

I want a sith movie/series. go back and explain why they’re bad. even a palpatine prequel.


I’d watch it… I always liked villains more, they’re always more interesting


Disney has to recoup the billion it gave Lucas somehow I guess.

They are alright. Better than the last 3 Lucas did.

I thought the best one of all the new ones was the one about the Death Star plans.

I’ve seen some good reviews for this last one though…

I thought Rogue One was good as well, the perfect compliment to the bigger picture.

I’ve also heard good things about TROS, we shall see

There is an overly expensive cream for that, which isn’t that effective…

I saw Rise of Skywalker a few hours ago. I thought it was great but I am probably a little biased. Some of the concerns in posts above were noted and some addressed in this movie.

Frankly, if you didn’t like the new characters and story arc, I doubt you will like this movie.

The only problem I had with the movie is I think it should have been about longer to get all the plot points in, it did seem a little rushed, but I think all of it needed to be included. I think it clocked in about 2 hours and 10 minutes or so from opening title to first credits.

There is one scene I thought could have been taken out was one that was kind of similar to a scene in the original trilogy that should have never been made.

I don’t mind the new characters, my biggest problem is they started the final 3 movies of this ‘grand saga’ and had absolutely no idea how to wrap up what would be a total of 9 movies. and it sounds like they introduce a bunch of new stuff in this movie as well to try and get that done.

I’m seeing it at noon today and I’m sure it’ll be pretty with much pewpew and vwummvwumm but I just wish they’d have had a competent plan before even starting force awakens.

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