Manning brothers agree to do 10 games for NFL in a new Megacast format

This sounds interesting.

Apparently it will be on Monday night games.

A couple quotes from the article.

Peyton Manning is set to return to the NFL through the 2023 Season. Manning’s relatively new company, Omaha Productions, has partnered with Disney and ESPN to bring Manning and his young brother, Eli, to the network. The duo will do a 10 game telecast for Monday Night Football for the next three seasons.

“Peyton and Eli will bring a different approach, delving into conversation about broader, big-picture topics while also honing in on the game, much like fans do when watching with their family and friends.”


Is it just them or us there a 3rd person involved?

In a related story, E! Network has signed the outspoken and often controversial Bennett Brothers, Michael and Martellus, to provide a different gametime experience, described by Martellus as;

“More like watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, except it’s football, and except we played the game, and that we just don’t give a F anymore since we can’t get fined”

There is no word on the rumor that a basketball spinoff “The Van Gundy Shitshow Supreme” has been greenlighted by NBC Sports, though we do have word that Don Ohlmeyer’s grave has been rotating at Mach 6 since the VG rumor began last week.


Now you have me wondering about a telecast with the Long’s. Howie, Chris and Kyle.