March Madness NCAA Basketball - KEEP IT HERE

UM looks fantastic.
Sparty making some late noise.

Should make for an interesting tournament …

Also, have we ever done a Den bracket? We really should …

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U of M or bust baby!!

Do it

Do it

Do it

Do it

Michigan State: Beats no. 5 Illinois and no. 4 Ohio State

Also Michigan State: Loses by 18 to Maryland

What is this conference??

It’s a odd year. I’m sure maryland played thier best game of the year.

State played awful when they needed it the most, Maryland did the opposite.

This Spartan team has been so hard to watch this year —today’s game makes the last two feel like an apparition.

Damn, I wish we can get the attention of the den with this! Sprinkle your magic dust Nate!

Unrank us now

I don’t understand why Chris Holtmann has such an issue with playing anyone over 6’8" in the B1G, and tells his guys to shoot turn around midrange shots down 10 with 5 minutes left.

The talent gap we have to any other good team has been exposed the last 3 games.

Another 2nd round exit incoming. Book it.

Yup, lack of a big man in the B1G is death. MSU agrees with you

We did many years ago. Does someone like CBS have a way we could host it?

It appears CBS does host a pool but it’s under maintenance so I couldn’t look at it.

However I found this free pool host. I like the idea that you pick each round.

Michigan be cool to do two. One where you pick all and one we do each round.

Take a look at this @Nate

Goofy schedule this year with too many games over a short stretch to make up for the covid cancellations. It’s hard to watch…

ESPN’s Tournament Challenge is free too. That’s what I’ve normally used. You can do an entry with your board handle on that.

Can you form a pool of just Den Mates on it?

I’ll do yahoo. Fuck ESPN

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You can.

It works that you make and name certain entries, so you’d name your entry your handle name, and then enter it into different pools, so a Den pool that you can search and enter, and I think the pool owner can regulate who gets in it somehow.

And I’m not saying I’ll only do ESPN. It’s just what I have experience with.

Oh dear!

Dear what?

Deer in the headlights? :laughing: