March Madness/ Tournament time

There really hasn’t been much this year.

Clemson Arizona game was a good one.
Nice to see Arizona go down.

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I have a close friend who is an AL alum, root for them a fair amount and easy to do when it’s against UNC.
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Purdue/Gonzaga good so far.

NC State(11sd) up 13 at the half over Marquette(2sd)

After a rough first half UConn running away against IL, now up 30.
IL has put up 29pts through the first 30min of the game.

Is anyone going to beat UConn?
If not mistaken UConn plays the winner of NCSU/Clemson , don’t see either of those two beating them.

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Can someone tell me why Clemson got possession to start the second half after they won the opening tip?

Probably a tie up

Bc they had the arrow to end the first. Jump Ball and then alternating possessions.

They will never do it but basketball would be so much better aesthetically and give us more matchups of the actual best basketball teams if they’d adopt the ABAs original 25ft line (excluding the corners) I miss mid range basketball quite a bit.

LET’S ■■■■■■■ GOOOOOOO!!!

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The ladies are probably celebrating :man_shrugging:

21.9sec left Purdue up by 7.
Edey has sat for 33seconds in the game.
Now 5pt game with 15sec left

Edey sucks.
Have fun in Europe.

That game was exactly what every non-affiliated fan could’ve asked for.

Edey with 40 and Knecht with 37

Excellent college player.
And I have no doubt he will have fun and make some good money in Europe if he doesn’t get a spot on a NBA roster.

Once again Edey with one PF. Elbow using over the back all time

Over 1000 kids have transferred. And there will be ton more.

Over 2000 kids have hit the portal.