Marinelli new Raiders DC

The Raiders fired their DC and Marinelli is now filling that position.


Pad level, guys, pad level

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LOL - I have done much work to remove that emotional anchor (his name). I used to puke in my mouth a little bit every time someone mentioned Marinelli’s name.

They are about to be “this” far away…


Marinelli is a quality, quality coach. His departure from Dallas has left their defense in shambles. I wonder if he’ll bring in Kris Richard in an elevated coordinator position.

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I would take Marinelli in a heartbeat over Patricia.
Millen didn’t do Marinelli any favors with the shit roster he gave him. As bad as Bob Quinn was, he was head and shoulders above Millen at assembling a roster.

I put an asterisk beside his Cowboy defenses. He did an okay job but his DBs were aloud to mug receivers.

That roster was atrocious, but you have to remember that Rod played a part in putting it together. He wanted effort over talent. We got rid of our best defender, who was also a huge man in the middle. After Rogers departure, we had a defense that was destined to fail. We had undersized DTs that played next to undersized DEs who formed a defensive line than played in front of undersized LBs. Like WTF did they expect to happen? We gave up almost 3,000 yards rushing and 31 TDs!!! And if the offense was a little better, teams would have ripped our defense even worse…but they didn’t need to so they just ran clock.

Actually I think it was Eberflus’ work with the LB’s there that stirred that drink. But hard to say for sure.

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On a side note, does anyone know if Travis Fisher made it back from walking home from Green Bay?

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I think Cory Redding was the best player on the team if he was on that team So much suck

If you kept going on the DL and LB names you’ll notice the pattern of damn near everybody being undersized for their position. Redding was an undersized DT. In addition, Redding had already gotten paid and wasn’t the same player that he was a few years prior when he was looking for a new contract.

I still can’t believe he got the Franchise Tag. Pathetic



A number of attempted Lions head coaches went back to being coordinators and were fine.


Sideline to sideline speed is what he built for. However, on his interior DL guys he said that the extra weight hurt their endurance, that he was likely to get more from them in the 4th quarter if they weren’t lugging around an extra 15 lbs for 3 quarters. I assume by now he’s let go of that notion.

To be fair, Redding had a good year and looked like he might have turned a corner and become a force on the defensive line the year before he got the tag. If you go back and watch the performance he turned it, it really was good. But after he got paid he fell off the map.

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