Marvin Jones JR

Can anyone justify how he can take up a roster spot at this point? Maybe somebody can email Brad and ask? K, thanks!


I called all pre-season for him to get cut.


I’m wondering if he’s gonna be here until Jamo comes back.

I do love me some Marv. But his time has passed


Well he picked the perfect # 0.


Brad has made some nice draft picks, but he also alot of head scratchers…and his FA WR decisions seem to be among his biggest scratchers

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Yeah his FAs have a lot to be desired.

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They were hoping for a band aid until Jamo, but they went generic with the product.

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Jones is cooked

Buggs deactivation when our D looks like shit is strange.

Drafting an off ball LB in round one, and letting the coach play AA over him is beyond strange.

Letting 2500 RB yards and 25 TDs out the door, and immediately using many key assets to replace them was super odd.

Insisting in Wright getting run over Mitchell

Ignoring CB the entire “stocked” draft, and having 3 UDFAs on our final 53?

Counting on Big V health, and using zero draft resources along the IOL despite Jackson’s contract, Ragz toe, and Big V health struggles.

  • tons of depth chart holes open again in 24’-
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This one gets me. Did he serve Campbell de-caf?


Too much smartest guy in room shit.

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They play next to eachother. He doesn’t play “over him.” Analzone is the green dot.

We took a CB in the 2nd round.

They didn’t count on Big V’s health. That’s why they signed a “backup” to Big V that makes more money than he does.

They spent a 5th round pick on IOL. They had him spend time training at LG and RG.

To me the biggest “smartest guy in the room” moves are related to James Houston and Derrick Barnes. Keeping them off the field because “they only make splash plays” is head scratching.


Is that title allowed for message board posters as well or just reserved for front office personnel decisions you don’t like?

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Message board posters are in a special category. I can tell you right now as I type this that I am 100% confident that I am the smartest guy in the room. I am the ONLY guy in the room that I am in. Which also makes me the dumbest guy in the room, the most handsome and the ugliest all at the same time! I am sure that other posters are the smartest guy in the room they are in.


Glasses Why Dont We Have Both GIF by nounish ⌐◨-◨


As far as oline, Holmes only claim to fame is drafting Sewell. The rest of the line was added by Quinn. The depth is still terrible. There’s no way you can reply on Big V who’s coming off back surgery w/o a quality backup. Glasgow was a terrible signing…a cheap signing

Sure shoot your shot bud….

I wonder if Buggs would have played at all, and we blitzed more from the LB level- would we have gotten to Geno enough to pull that one out?

We scored 31…. Yes Goff gave up 7, but that left 24 more on regulation. We allowed Geno a 116 rating his only game this year over 96??!

  • let Hutch move around and pick his spots, kid has instincts. He will open up an easy lane for a delayed blitz and our LBs are fast!

Buggs and McNeill bully the middle well, and Comish spells well on passing downs.

  • again take what I said- the Google all the articles posted after week 2 quoting Hutch and others about fixing the pass rush.

Maybe AG is reading our posts… maybe listening 97.1 the ticket…. Maybe taking guidance from Hutch??? Maybe using common sense???

Either way the adjustments and results align- so there is that

AG is probably going to 97.1 to get help.
There are reports from last season that they, staff, listened to AG.

No idea what was going on with regards to Buggs but apparently he has fixed that issue.

What makes you say that?

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Though he played pretty damn well. Rare!y heard his name, good for an Olineman.