Marvin Jones Trade Rumors

Apparently the Pats, Browns, Saints, and Washington are interested per Incarcerated Bob. It’s popping up all over my feed as a big time rumor, so take that as you will.

Watch us trade him for the rights to Dont’a Hightower who’s not even playing this season and a 7th or something like that.

This would be a typical Patricia/Quinn move. Kill the locker room once again with another major trade of a well liked player.


Yes he probably voiced his displeasure of how shitty the team was playing before we played Jacksonville. I’m ok with a trade that improves the team this year but none of this future draft pick bull shit.


I don’t see trades happening this year. If you’re Quintricia you don’t want to trade away pieces for draft picks that you may not be around to spend. If I’m Sheila I don’t let these two trade away any draft picks.

by week 7, MJ was ran 30 times.

8 rush Chi
6 rush GB
3 rush Cards
2 rush Saints
5 rush Jax
6 rushes ATL

Adrian Peterson ran 80 times

14 rush Chi
7 rush GB
22 rush Cards
11 rush Saints
15 rush Jax
11 rush ATL

Uh Cub, not sure who you are thinking about but Marvin Jones is a WR, not a RB.

Not to mention, those rushes for AP do not equal 80.

Not only a well-liked player but one whose kid just died.

Just let dude walk in the offseason unless he demanded the trade.


Well it would be Quinn like to trade a starting player just as we’re enter the play off race.

yes I am aware the difference of who gets the ball more I was showing who was getting more targets. this season. and MJ getting it 30 times out of 7 games is silly.

and yes 14 + 7+ 22+11+15+11 does = 80.

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Close enough, I guess.

Not saying he won’t get dealt but this is the only source reporting a trade rumor for him this month.

I like Jones a lot, but it’s becoming the Golladay Hockenson show as it should be. Not interested in picks and I don’t think Quinn is either. I don’t think Cephus is MJ, but I do think we could get by if it meant adding another pass rush DT somehow. Hall, Amendola and more passes designed for Swift (turn the right way son…) could also offset the loss. Outside of that, I wouldn’t do it.

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Alternatively it could be a trade with similar ramifications as the tate trade. Something to be said about trading a well thought of teammate mid season. Would really test Patricia’s control of the locker room that he craves so much.

14+ 7 + 22 + 11= 54 ok?? then you add 15, that = 69 PLUS 11 =80

exactly, not “close enough i guess.” point is Marvin Jones “should be” getting more targets than 30 over a 7 game span .

his highest number of targets this season is when we played Chicago , and he got thrown to 8 times that game…the lowest number of targets , this season was the Saints game…where he was thrown to 2 times.

I think we are going to see another team get MJ.


Everything he tries to do in the community…buddies w Stafford…it would be a giant F you to the players and complete hypocrisy to what they say they are trying to do.


You got me, I added it twice but came up one shy…anyways, they are not “rushes” like you stated.

well see THESE were…bc I did not add the 6 times AP was thrown to the (80) number was only rushing .

say we added the 6 receiving targets? that’s 86 times the ball went to AP in 7 games.

hecks , in 3 games, MJ should have had 30 targets…or even 4 games, not 7…

Good point. What happened with Marlo is so sad. I can’t even begin to fathom the grief.

On a football note his production has always been streaky. To be honest I just we haven’t seen any of his 2-3 eruptions per year yet but I still believe that we will.

It behooves this regime to tread lightly here. It is possible Marv wants to be traded because his action is going to Hock.

Either way seeing how the season fell off the rails twice after trading a player midseason. I’d keep this group together unless Marv is asking out.