Marvin Jones wants a super bowl

I figured the chances of MJ coming back was close to zero.

It appears he really wants to go to a contender. I think he ends up on the Rams squad with Stafford but where else do you think he might end up?

Regardless I wish him well and hope he gets paid in FA.

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I knew going in to last year that he’d be gone. Good luck to him. Maybe the Rams can enter the 4th dimension to get some cap space to get him back with Stafford?

I don’t think the Rams have the money to pay MJ and he’d most-likely be like the 5th best WR on the team…so if he wants to win a Superbowl on the coat-tails of everyone else on his team, then great…but I don’t see the Rams doing much in the post-season anyways. He’d be better-off taking the league minimum to join the Bucs.

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The 5th best WR claim is a head scratcher. I’d personally rather have Jones than Kupp or Woods. That might be debatable, but I’m not sure who the other two guys are who could hypothetically be better receivers. I think Jones would be their best WR, and definitely not worse than their 3rd option. And even if you prefer Kupp and Woods, Jones would still fill a niche that the others don’t in being a deep threat.


They need someone to be a deep threat guy. Someone who can win jump balls and contested catches. MJ is good in that role.

Especially with Josh Reynolds a FA.

Kupp and Woods rotate from the Slot and outside WR.
MJ would probably be WR1 to be honest.

He’d be there deep ball guy for sure.


I want a Super Bowl too.


Wut ? Why the shade ?

Boo this !

The statement makes zero sense in a team game where the best team wins

It made sense in the context that he framed it.

MJ is a good deep, ball guy but he’s not shown he can win jump-balls imo.

Van Jefferson should be their deep ball threat. He didn’t run at the Combine because of a broken bone in his foot but he was said to be the fastest guy at the Senior Bowl.

As was reported several times through draft season, Jefferson was touted as the fastest guy at the Senior Bowl this year. Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy compared his speed to that of 2019 rookie sleeper Terry McLaurin: Mclaurin ran a 4.35.

I’d take Kupp or Woods over MJ all day long. Those guys get open in short-distances, MJ doesn’t.

MJ sucked last year when we had Golladay on the field with him, MJ dissappeared. I posted this before, through the first 8 games last year: MJ had 25 receptions, 308 yards, 4 TD’s (which wasn’t bad).

Again, MJ was a very good signing and I have always really liked him as a player and a person off the field and more power to him if he wants to go chase a ring. I think he would make a good depth guy behind Kupp, Woods, and Van.

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Lols, oook

[quote="Snags, post:3, topic:9203"]

he’d most-likely be like the 5th best WR on the team

Which 4 Wrs on Rams are better than MJJ?

How do you describe “coat tails”?

Is Stafford riding coat tails since he never won ?
Is Donald riding coat tails since … he’s never won ?

Is Brady riding Gronk’s coat tails since Gronk might actually have a better winning percentage than Brady ?

Football described as one of ultimate team games

So where does a coat tail start ?

I’d more qualify it as MJJ can be a solid valued contributor to a solid team.

Maybe we need to agree to a definition of “coat tails”

My fear is he winds up in Green Bay.

MJ would make a very nice depth guy if Woods, Kupp, or Jefferson go down with an injury. Like @Air2theThrown he’d probably make a good deep ball guy for them as well. I just don’t think he’d see the field as much in L.A…and that might be a good thing for MJ as he hits 31 years old soon, not old for all WR’s but for some they have slowed.

Oooh man, I didn’t think about that. MJ would be the 2nd best WR in GB.

You got awfully triggered by something you aren’t even sure how to define.:rofl:

I like this explanation better

To me coat tails suggest non contributor

But as an example … I liked Andre Robert’s impact as a Lion even if others didn’t. What I mean is Robert’s made an impact to help Lions win that season
And he’s gone on to continue his career and contribute.

It’s ultimate team game

Even Tate helped Philly win a playoff game with his TD.
As a Lion fan , I’d take a playoff win.
The third rounder for Tate hasn’t been the difference in success for Lions especially with BQ MP at helm.

IMO his comment translate to highest bidder! With non-guaranteed contracts no NFL players is going to leave money on the table for a shot at a title unless that player has made an enormous amount of money. If the Lions offered Jones big money he would be here; unfortunately, they won’t. However, that doesn’t stop a lower tier team from overplaying. If Cincy, for example offered big money then he would sign there.

Lions need to feed the team with a huge $10mil a year catering contract to Jones’ buntz and more
Helping make wife the “bread winner” and its off the cap so
Chocolate Cake Want GIF

Then they could give MJJ a sweet vet minimum deal.


Since new broke that Stafford had asked for a trade I wanted Jones to end up wherever Stafford did. They’re close and so are their families. And both want and deserve to win. And both IMO are will too take contracts that help the team.

Well, to be fair, I don’t think he’d be a big contributor. With those other WR’s, he’d be a 35 catch guy if I had to guess.

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