Mask or not

I was thinking, if we all wear mask for two weeks it will tell us if mask really do work or not. will number go down or up So one way or another we will find out if they really do work or not. So everyone just wear your mask for the next two weeks. If it doesn’t work we can stop with BS of wearing them. Btw I have been wearing my mask since April.

Nah… How are medical workers contracting it if the masks work? I was in Home Depot today here in Michigan, maskless, when the alert came over everyone’s phone about the mandatory masks order. Looked up at the Home Depot employee and we both laughed and continued our conversation. I find that most people I talk to about the masks who are logical (not brainwashed by the MSM), think that masks don’t really help, but are willing to comply. I believe a lot of Americans are socially engineered to fall in line and not create waves… That or they are simply passive, non confrontational or eager to please others… It leads to a population of sheeple that don’t have the capacity for critical thought and problem solving. Most people need to be trained or told what to do on a daily basis, it’s really a sad state of reality.


This will get moved to off topic so we can take this further then. I’ll just leave it at the question of where was Dr. Fauci on wearing masks in large public “gatherings” from just after Memorial day until about 3 or 4 weeks later? His worst nightmare came to life and he was nowhere to be found as the government authority on the subject (and declared to be apolitical).

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My point is we can stop with the mask BS if numbers don’t go down a lot. I for one don’t think mask work. But I wear one in stores because they till me too, just no shoes no shirt no service

I think most feel like you do. I like to keep a fabric around my neck that has been soaked in water since I dont have to think about grabbing it when I walk into a store. It keeps me cool while im outside and makes me look like a robber in the store. I dont have to worry about shaving or brushing teeth or smiling at people. I wear it when I feel like wearing it unless I go to a place like Costco or Trader Joe’s. I’m in Indiana and travel to Louisville for some shopping. KY requires masks and IN does not. Most people like me just see the double standard and are fed up with it. Law abiding citizens get the guilt trips and mandates while others get a relative free pass since their cause is sanctioned and this year’s sacred cow.

At some point this week I’ll go the grocery store and we’ll see how it goes. I have to make sure I have the time to argue my point if they decide to deny me entry. I’m interested to see if I can get them to ask what my medical condition is…to which I’ll respond with they’re violating HIPAA laws by asking. If they continue to deny me entry, I’ll ask if they’re prepared to enter into a lawsuit for discrimination. I figure, if a gay couple can sue a cake shop for refusing to make them a cake, then I could sue for discrimination due to a medical condition. I honestly don’t ever plan to bring it to court, it’s more of a social experiment.

mandatory mask order here in Michigan , I’ll wear one just because i don’t need the damn headache of being turned away at stores or being fined or something by police , or taken to court for “not wearing one.” I don’t think it helps , BUT i can’t afford the fines or BS from cops ,here .

Must be really tough to wear a mask. God forbid you be considerate of other people and put a mask on. Next thing you know they will be telling you you can’t drive drunk or smoke in public buildings.

You don’t wear a mask for yourself, you wear it for other people. You wan’t to be an inconsiderate asshole, that’s on you I guess. But it takes two seconds to put a mask on before walking into Home Depot.
Are masks 100% effective? Probably not. Is it possible they will help the current situation, yes it’s possible. So put it on, what’s it going to hurt?


I’m no lawyer but I don’t think it would be a HiPAA violation. Onus is on you to prove you have a medical condition. HIPAA would be if they revealed that information to other people. And it’s not discrimination if they make everyone do it. But hey, you have fun risking a misdemeanor violation just to prove a useless point.
And why shouldn’t the gay couple be able to sue the cake shop? It’s clearly discrimination based on sexual orientation which is very clearly not allowed.


Yeah, that’s really all I’m concerned with. I just want to buy what I’ there to buy. The people in the store just want to get through the day at their job.

Fineable offense in Athens GA now, $25 first time, $50 then $100


If outside, no.

If inside, it depends. If they’re required to do business there, so be it. If not, no.

Unless you’re wearing an N-95 mask, they don’t work. Most of what people are wearing are just for show.

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HIPAA applies only to "covered entities ", which are generally Healthcare providers and in some cases your employer, to prevent disclosure of medical records from them to someone else, except generally for reasons having to do with treatment.

ADA would only apply if you have a documented disability, not COVID, at this point.

Now, backing up to the 5th Amendment and the deprivation of Liberty without due process of law is an angle, both because Liberty is very broadly defined and that in some states there are valid questions about the legality of the mandates and if an executive order is a “law” at all.

Neither of those have been tested in court however.

Bah! Much ado about nothing. Wear a mask in a place of business, no BIG deal.

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Well I don’t think it hurts to wear one…and it actually might help. Sorry just don’t think it’s a big deal at all. I wear mine.

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Honestly, why is this even a debate? Same knuckleheads push the same BS over and over. The reality is that only once a certain party’s leadership embraces masks so they can get things back to normal, will the rest of the flock follow. This is how cognitive dissonance works. You don’t listen to anybody but “your people”, doesn’t matter if its good or bad advice. They once did a study where they presented Israelis the two options on a peace deal the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships were negotiating, with a twist - they didn’t tell them that they switched the cover pages (authors). So what was called the Israeli proposal was actually authored by the Palestinians as their proposal and vice versa. After reading both, Israelis actually favored what was the true Palestinian proposal over the Israeli one simply because they thought it was the Israelis. Same applies here. When you have one side constantly tearing down intellectuals and experts, and distrusting them, what ends up governing is incompetence.

After two or three cycles of this, this party, or half of a party will finally figure it out. We’ve seen it start already in some places. And the irony of it all is if they would have just listened the first time around we’d be over this like the rest of the world who actually did listen (with better results), and they’d have their economy they wanted so badly for reelection.


Why go to all those lengths rather than just putting a mask on for ten minutes while you shop?


You just identified the lead question on every ConLaw exam in law school next semester

No politics please.