Masks are not shields

I know the other thread got locked

But, there was a point I wanted to make about this…

Masks and anything about them do not apply (like corvette can’t and are. It originally designed to go mudding)

NFL players wear helmets that are now being modified with a shield covering…

For a science point of view, you can’t compare them and the studies from masks don’t apply… sry brother!

You know, Abject, instead of starting a whole new thread to respond to a locked post, you could have just, ya know, messaged the guy. I am pretty sure that is what Jesus would do.


The basic premise of a mask (whether inside or outside of football) is the restriction of air which helps contain the spread of particulates. So the principles of the scientific studies outside of football do apply but the exact efficacy percentage may be different with the football specific visors.

As in the non-football studies any form of protection against COVID is better than no protection.

So if masks work, why have positive cases gone up in Michigan since July 17th, when a mask mandate was in effect? Why were there spikes in California when everything is/was shut down and masks were mandated? Why does the CDC say that 1 out of every 300 positive cases was caused by an asymptomatic person? Why does the CDC still say social distancing (6ft) and washing your hands, not wearing a mask, is the best measure to fight spreading the virus?


Keep living in your closed world my friend… you are wrong… that is it

Because very few people in California took it seriously. AKA they weren’t enforcing it and people weren’t wearing them. I saw it everyday.

G - this is one of the closed minds who’s smarter than everyone else in the room… in their own closed mind

Live on brother!!

-There are infinite factors (beyond a mask mandate) that go into the number of cases in a state.
-What does the stat of 1/300 cases being caused by asymptomatic people have to do with the price of tea in China?
-The CDC is under a lot of political pressure from the president.

Polls show that the hot spots in California were some of the areas where mask we wright’s was highest… What about the other facts I presented?

So, nothing to retort my facts… Thanks for proving my point

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And another reason is will not work… as I’ve stated before: Human Behavior…

People will not as a whole follow any rule all the time… never going to happen in our imperfect world…

So, in a vain attempt, we still try to force it… when it can’t be done

Except the actual science…

So your argument against science is that people like GG won’t listen to science.

That you improperly apply…

Keep trying

Hey! Since a baseball is round and the sun is round… they are the same as science says so?!

Or maybe since gasoline and lemonade are both liquid… drink the both!! Science say so!!

Closed minds never want to use common sense

He is making the point that if you aren’t showing symptoms, your chances of spreading it are really low. Which goes back to Dr. Fauci’s comment that if you aren’t showing symptoms, there isn’t much reason to wear a mask.

I don’t mind wearing a mask and being precautious is fine. I am just not willing to pretend masks are more than what they are.


1/300 sounds insignificant until you multiply that across the entire population.

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You keep posting the same thing, but don’t address any of my facts… Come on now, let’s hear how science explains them.

Please explain how the science is improperly supplied by suggesting that the restriction of air flow and particulates will help control the spread of COVID whether inside or outside of football.

That means for every 100k positive tests, 300 of them were caused by asymptomatic people… Yeah, not blowing my skirt up junior

Your “facts” don’t say anything about the efficacy of masks. The peer-reviewed studies do.

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