Mathew Stafford

I know this usually ends up in a big debate and is a hot button player. I’m NOT trying to do that here. Just some pretty cool stats on our QB this year. Currently he’s on pace for 4500yds 36tds and 8ints. To me that is pretty damn good and what we should be expecting. Here’s a really cool break down going deeper into this numbers. Enjoy

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Just shows you how fucking important coaches really are!

Too many whine and have said “ pros are pros and should know what to do!”


Coaches are the difference between 9-7 and 10-6 with a playoff birth!!


He’s had a great start to the year for sure!

Just hope he can stay healthy the rest of the way and lead us to a division title or wildcard!!!

Nobody can say he hasn’t played like a total professional this season!

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The importance of scheme, play calling, and the evolution of the playbook as the season progresses cannot be understated.

Don’t forget, Matt & Bevell are in their honeymoon phase. Teams don’t really know what to expect from our offense yet, so it’s expected that we can surprise teams in these early games. The real test is in the last quarter of the season and the playoffs (if we get there) to see if we continue to have success moving the ball and putting points on the board. Will Bevell continue to add wrinkles every week to keep the defense guessing or will he fall into the comfort trap?

If Bevell does pan out, it will be a sad day when another team plucks him away from us to be their Head coach :frowning:

what makes you say Bevel has not already been beneficial to the team?

Let’s cross that bridge if we ever get that far. I remember back in the day I was worried about how we were going to re-sign all 3 of Charles Rogers, Roy Williams, and Mike Williams because all of their contracts ended the same year due to the CBA expiring.


People please!! Look at who Bevell is!

NEVER took a HC position ever!

Same OC for 7 and five yrs on only two teams??!!

He know who he is.

He iia our OC until he retires, gets fired or dies imo!!

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So long as he doesn’t call for a pass over the middle with the lead at the one yard line, I’m fine with Bev.

Agreed. Let’s have some perspective. Remember that some people wanted Cooter to be our head coach after his initial success.

I know it’s selfish but I want to see that WTF look many times when we play GB and drop five TDs on their ass ina win!!!

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