Matt Gay?

We need a new FG kicker next year and this guy is a FA. I’d prefer not to rely on a rookie if possible and Matt Gay is 28 which isn’t old for a kicker. The Rams are going to have cap issues next year so I could se then not placing a high priority on a kicker.

5mil AAV is top kicker not named Justin Tucker money. I’d give Gay a 4 year 20mil deal.

Obviously I’m bringing this up considering he just hit a 55 yard FG in very cold weather at Lambeau which could be huge in this division.

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Gay is top 5 easily. Hope we keep him.

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This is a Gay topic…. Just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I doubt Matt’s gay since he and Kelly have so many kids.


Unless they are Goffs

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Matt played for the Lions and Rams, so you could say he goes both ways.


:thinking: Pipes do burst at times.


I wouldn’t mind picking up Moody from UM with a late rd pick. My only beef with him is that he’s not great from 50+ yards.

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It’s really none of our business if Matt is gay or not. If he can help this team win then we need to bring his ass in and ride him to the Super Bowl. Jack,Goff, Daly… I think the whole team would receive him openly!


I’d be fine with bringing in a healthy Siebert and a good UDFA.

Hard pass on a $4M-$5M kicker


That’s what she said!


Season 3 Nbc GIF by The Office

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So he is Baggley

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Just out of curiousity, why? This is not necesarily directed at you, but just the mindset that people have regarding kickers.

Outside of QB, what position has a direct affect on games more? Every week multiples games are won or lost because of a kick. To me, spending 5mil a year on a kicker that is very reliable is more valuable then spending that on a rotational D-Lineman, or average starter.

I want a kicker that when he lines up to kick a 47 yard FG that I’m comfortable enough to walk away from the screen because I know its basically automatic. We had that with Hanson and Prater. I want it again.

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Almost all kickers are UDFA’s (even Justin Tucker and Matt Prater). Offer a nice bonus to someone coming out of college, let him compete with Seibert or Badgley or another vet.

We don’t have a lot of cap room (we can create it), but we have to work within a budget. You can’t pay everyone.

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Except Bagley also misses more often from under 50…like the 47 yarder he missed at home. Indoors with no wind.

That was the problem. He corrected for a strong wind that didn’t exist!

Kickers miss sometimes, but he has been solid from under 50 I think.

Over his career he is 35 of 45 from 40-49 yards out. From 50+ he’s 5 of 13. That’s…pretty bad.

He’s money for point-after attempts and from 20-39 yards though. Maybe I’m just spoiled after decades of Hansen and Prater.

Eventually though we may need him to hit a game winner from 54 yards out. Do we trust him to do any better than Zurlein did on Sunday?