Matt nelson

this kid is starting to grow on me. he’s not great by any means, but considering he’s only been an offensive lineman for two years he’s playing well. the more he plays the better he’s getting. he’s also a huge tackle at 6’8. if he can keep developing we may have our right tackle of the future. that’s my hope anyway.

yes this kid is getting better but the int is on him if he makes any kind of a block there’s no pick

agreed but that was also a hell of a play by the nose. i did like his pancake of khalil mack on staffords last touchdown pass. i think he’s got a great upside.

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Well so far I think he’s shown me more than the 45 million dollar man Vaitai has.


i also like that he moved from defensive line to offensive line. a lot of times that move really works out well. especially if he comes with that nasty attitude. best example that i saw was steve hutchinson.

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