Matt Patricia harping on consistency

Personally I think he’s done an excellent job on making sure this team is consistent.

We consistently lose
We consistently can’t stop the run.
We consistently suck at blitz pick up.
We consistently blow double digit leads.
We consistently get worse.

Great Job Matt.

I know …I know … the losing has made me a little pissy. Anyway here is an article about how MP plans to fix the Lions through consistency.

I’m curious … What else do you think the Lions are consistent at?


consistency is a important aspect in all things in life.

But when your system and philosophy are this bad you will only be consistent at being bad.


He consistently eats more calories than he burns.


Yup - puts everyone in position to lose. strategy and system are by far the biggest issues on this team.

I really don’t think the roster is that bad. I hate slow on an NFL field, and we have a lot of it. I love team speed, on both sides of the ball. I think our O can get it done. Swift needs more touches. I’d love to see a speedy WR, next draft/offseason.

Need to shitcan the entire D and start over …philosophically, strategically, and largely, from a talent standpoint too.

Okudah could be a cornerstone, but I like leadership/cornerstones to be on the DL (Unless you have Ray Lewis). I like Coleman and Flowers, but amidst a rebuild, do they cost too much? Okwara? Hand? Likely part of the next D, but lots of question marks. I want us to get a speedy WR and the ugliest DT that ever walked the planet next offseason. Let’s get the O put together, reasonably priced, and outscore ppl…while we rebuild a dumpster fire of a D.

I don’t really know if we need to trash the entire defense. I think there are some solid pieces, but yes a lot needs to go. I really think Patricia completely blew his wad on playing coverage only football and it’s proven to be a massive mistake. He sees sacks as more coverage sacks, and instead of chasing the QB, he wants to play contain, keep the QB in the pocket and then have his guys cover. What he is totally missing, is even an average WR will beat an elite DB if the WR has 7 seconds to run around. A corner can only cover for so long. Then, you also completely gas your DB group in the process because you are saying you have to run at full sprint for 7 seconds, EVERY DOWN.

What’s kinda ironic in all of this, is this is the opposite of the Jim Schwartz defense. He would turn the lineman loose and make them play balls out, to the point they would gas themselves. Teams learned to just throw quick short passes, bide your time and throw in some hurryup. Soon enough, your pass rushers are dead tired, and you have all the time in the world now.

In my opinion, I think coaches get too reliant on one format. They find one thing that works, and they ride it to the grave. Great coaches know when to push, when to pull back, and when to change things up even if it’s just to keep it interesting.


This coaching regime is consistent at blaming players and being totally unaccountable.

“Consistency” and “execution” are thinly-veiled ways of the coaches saying, “Our game plan was awesome, it’s these stupid-ass bum players that fouled it all up.”

alot of fricken hot air—i was a fan of his–but no more—he and undlin have to go

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How does he have ANY right to question and harp on consistency…with the bogus defense he keeps jogging out there !?

Not sure if Patricia will turn it around, I have serious doubts.

But I can’t argue with what he said.

It does appear the Lions are incredibly inconsistent not just game to game but quarter to quarter. Possession to Possession.

Now is that a matter of coaching? Seems most likely.

He has a nice stretch here to turn it around though…

I would also say they can’t get off the field on third down. They can’t get the big stop.

I agree with his run-stopping comments.

To me its much more dire. Either fix the run defense problems or you are complete toast. This team is going nowhere in a hurry if they continually get gashed for five-six yards a pop.

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Yes, but who’s responsibility is it for the players on defense to be more consistent? or team wide??? your the head coach if your team lacks consistency isn’t that your responsibility to fix???

Matt was asked about this in today’s presser and his plan is to simply things.

So rushing 0 instead of 3? … great idea Matt.

This (simplification) was a topic of conversation about the Cowboys. Richard Sherman opined that Mike Nolan needed to simplify things for the Cowboys.