Matt Patricia showed great coaching with how he handled Jamal Agnew

I agree with Risdon on this one. I was doing the math if the Lions included Agnew with a 1st round pick if the Jags were consider the Ramsey trade. IN the end Matty P got the most out of him and fingers crossed it is not the only time we see Agnew make some big returns this season.


Love how this impacted the brotherhood, on our team. Every single player on the team was rooting for him, not only because it helps the team, but as a human-being. Makes you fight harder when you go to war, when you love your brothers like that. It’s not just about you.
We lose that game, without that play. Agnew still didn’t look crazy fast on that play. I was always salivating over the prospect of him getting good enough to play corner. Think of what it looks like if he ever gets a pick - goooooone…Period!
We shall see how this thing plays itself out. I feel like he doesn’t have his breakaway speed that he used to have. In watching that replay, he’s not really outrunning anyone, but it’s perfectly blocked and extremely well-executed by the entire team.

Either way, it’s good for the organization, and good for Matt’s connection with his players. Also, people are absolutely buying what Patrica is selling.

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As long as he doesn’t muff/fumble punts, he can flip the field in a dime. This ofcourse benefits the offense.

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