Matt Patricia Tone Deaf

I agree that it was tone deaf. And the response to try to defend himself personally rather than focus on the team and this moment was telling. I think its all unraveling and we are seeing the last of Patricia as Lions head coach.


Agreed. Worse than tone deaf–completely missing the point. Bro… we trot out different players every season, facing different opponents and schemes every week. And yet we see the same story over and over and over again: mediocre opposing QB comes back from huge deficit to beat us in the 4th quarter. There’s a common denominator there buddy. You’re the coaching genius, see if you can figure out what it is…


Unreal. This is very telling. If the Lions continue to lose I could see Patricia having a major breakdown for the world to see.

This is just something that you can’t say out loud, even if you’re thinking it.


Claiming responsibility for that interception like he did is the same as an offensive coordinator claiming responsibility for a QB scrambling for a 30-yd TD after a broken play. Did he call the play? Yes…Did that play result from his play calling or more the talent on the field? Definitely the talent on the field.

Now is the time for Patricia to maybe table the generic media responses and instead make legitimate changes to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.


I am trying to be more optimistic in my posts.

So I’m optimistic that unless something drastically changes, this will be Matt Patricia’s last year.

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This was Patricia’s version of Bobby Ross’s famous, “You think I coach this stuff?! I don’t coach this stuff!” rant.

And like in that case, it’s a sign that the end is near.


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Unfortunately I think he will get more leniency because of COVID impacting this season so much and we are looking at possibly the rest of this season and next season with him. Thus either forcing Stafford to leave and be successful with another team or lose whatever talent they’ve accumulated and hope for a .500 season.


The only way i see that happening is if they manage to stay around .500. If they go 6-10 or worse I hope to God he is gone.

Agreed. We should have fired him long, long ago. Every week he maintains employment is a loss.

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I heard on the radio that Malcolm Butler credited BB for watching film and knowing that he could jump that route.

Fat ass is trying to take credit for BB’s coaching. LOL

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Stafford will have to play lights out to keep this team around .500. If Swift catches that pass the mood and talk around here is very different. The best thing that can happen to the Lions now is MP and BQ get fired, Stafford plays decent enough to get us value in a trade either this year or during the offseason and we somehow land Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields in the draft.

If that plays out the way you say the best thing for people is to find another team to cheer for because there is no quick fix. Just replacing a stud qb with another younger version and the HOPE that things can be different despite 50 years of history saying otherwise.

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I agree that this quote shows a level of misunderstanding in the job. Who cares about that play as you were not the head coach.

The correct answer is to protect your players and fall on your sword. He should have said “yes, we need t look at coaching. We need to look closely at the calls made, the players available to play, the outcomes, the pressure we brought and we have to learn to learn as a staff and we have to do better. This team deserves better and we have to figure this out.”

This is tough as Patricia took it as a personal attack when it was an honest and deserved question about his coaching.

Agree with all here. When I heard the quote, the first thing that hit me was “This is the moment he officially lost it.”

Rather than answer the question, he is trying to justify why he has the job and is above reproach. When someone does that, it’s because they don’t have an answer for the question at hand, they know it, and are resorting to bravado and bluster to cover it up.

The evidence was laid out for everyone to see. Stating something that now happened 4 seasons ago as justification for why you got the job, that’s shameful. I need to be a reporter. My next question would have been “If you want to discuss Super Bowl calls, would you like to explain what happened during the Philadelphia game?” If you want to take credit for your genius winning a game, then be ready to answer for your genius losing those games.


Mine too!

If they start 0-4, there is a real chance Bevell takes over as HC, especially with Patricia making comments like this.

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What a tool. Tone deaf and football blind. Worst coach we’ve ever head - including 0-16 Marinelli. Stafford in his prime would have won 5 games on that team.