Matt Prater's passing efficiency is higher than Stafford's

Stafford hate incoming…

All I’m saying is the touch on that ball was pretty damn good … :wink:

It’s the highest in the league! Brady, Maholmes, Rodgers…all of them!

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Frickin’ figures that I pass on the Lions game to take the dog to the park, and miss Prater throwing a TD. I watched the replay and Pat McAfee losing his mind over it was great.

I don’t really regret it though. The dog has been cooped up lately, and she needed a chance to run around with some others of her kind.

Son of a bitch… I missed Matt Prater throwing a TD.

Casey Redfern also averaged nearly 20 yards per run, but he still hasn’t been re-signed and switched from Punter to RB. It makes no sense, I tell you!

PS Bring Back Casey Redfern

How did Toilolo get open? Did he hide on the sideline area outside of the huddle or did he split wide and no one came with him?



He made it look like there was a substitution and was running off the field as Prater was lining up, then stopped just short of the sideline and was set just before the snap.