Matt Stafford Thread — Keep it here

Going to be some huge helping of crow on this board.


Congrats to Stafford! Wish it happened in Detroit. Crazy ending.

Can they beat the 49ers? Lost 6 straight and are due.


Haters are going to hate. I’d be surprised to see some of the most vocal ones actually eat crow.

It always amazed me how fans put wins and losses solely on the QB.

Stafford was never the problem.


I would love to see the list of names of posters who put all of the blame on Stafford.


Stafford had some talent around him, but poor coaches, poor GM, no online…ever, no running game. He just took that football and shoved it in the Lions organization’s face. But we all know he’s too classy to ever do that. At least outloud…his wife :laughing:


If Stafford beats SF and makes a Super Bowl. Will he make the HOF?

Or does he need to wins Super Bowl to do it?


One game at a time.

Can McVay beat Shanahan?

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As of now I look at Stafford like Marino. Great stats, no wins. If he continues his entire career playing like he has, he should be in the HOF just like Dan.


He should’ve done it last time.

I say yes.

I’ve always thought he needed a few wins to make it. If he wins a SB now we are talking about him being a first ballot or 2nd ballot vs making it 15 years later etc.

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I’m totally gonna have fun w the haters…….


Fun but not ban worthy. :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Been saying all year Stafford wins the super bowl this year…….

I’ll be okay with this falling into the 1% of the time I’m right lol.

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I think he does. Or at least another couple deep playoff runs. He spent too much time in Detroit with nobody outside Michigan watching him play.

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If only someone compiled a list . . . if only :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Okay, I’ll bite…last week he didnt need do much, but he also didnt screw his team and managed the game perfeclty to win. Today he shined and had a great game, and delivered in the biggest moment of his career, something many Lions fans pined for him to do while he was here when he had his chances (not going into a history leason). He got a bunch of monkeys off his back, but let’s see him keep going…if he chokes next week and has a real bad game and they lose, well, the trolls will rejoice and the slappies will make excuses. Imo, as a resident “hater troll”, he looks pretty fucking dialed in, and has a real chance of winning it all at his current pace of play, but as a said “hater troll”, I got my finger on the big red “bad Matt” button if/when that shoe drops, if not, well, wouldnt be the first time I ate a giant plate of crow. Everyone is just so passionate about being “right”…the Stafford thing is a fasciniating clinical study in confirmation bias I must say.


Stafford had some good teams here. It wasn’t all bad. in 2014 we had a chance for a game winning drive in the playoffs and he fumbled twice

Maybe just maybe he’s a better QB now as a 12 year vet than he was as a sixth year gunslinger still dialing in mechanics

Let’s not pretend it’s all the Lions fault and they just held back the greatest QB of all time


Where’s Iggy?


Him and JR Lions are somewhere fighting over their life size Stafford doll, Iggy wants to burn it, while JR wants to shag it…dont think we’ll hear from either one.

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It was always my doll.


Lol, you’re a great sport Nate…or wait, should I say “JRLions”?!:thinking:


SB win and he will certainly be a HOF.

As well all know, the guy is a stud.

He’s not blameless for the failures here but I put it at around 85/15 Lions.

All onboard after today. Get that SB #9.