Matthew Stafford Cap implications

He’s due $20M in 2021 and $23M in 2022. Part of his 2021 compensation is a $10M roster bonus due at the beginning of the league year (around March 20th). The media will report that it has to be done before then or the Lions will have to pay. If Stafford wants out, he’ll move the roster bonus to a later date if a trade hasn’t been agreed to by then.

If/when traded, the Lions will gain $14M in cap space and have a dead cap hit from Stafford in 2021 of $19M. No cap consequences in future years.

I think there will be multiple suiters for Stafford, hard to determine the exact compensation. My guess a player and draft pick(s).


Pinned. Thanks for this breakdown, DS.


Please don’t leave us Stafford

If he wants out, I don’t blame him. I would want the talks to start with a top half 1st round pick, plus more. His salary is actually a bargain for the next 2 seasons


For Comparison purposes. Here’s the list of all QB’s not playing on their rookie contract. An acquiring team will owe Stafford $20M in 2021 and $23M in 2022, well below the Average Per Year of every starting QB not named Cam Newton (who likely won’t be starting for an NFL team in 2021). His contract is a bargain and will play a significant part in his compensation:

Quarterback APY Exp
Patrick Mahomes 45,000,000 2031
Deshaun Watson 39,000,000 2025
Russell Wilson 35,000,000 2023
Ben Roethlisberger 34,000,000 2021
Jared Goff 33,500,000 2024
Aaron Rodgers 33,500,000 2023
Kirk Cousins 33,000,000 2022
Carson Wentz 32,000,000 2024
Dak Prescott 31,409,000 2020
Matt Ryan 30,000,000 2023
Ryan Tannehill 29,500,000 2023
Jimmy Garoppolo 27,500,000 2022
Matthew Stafford 27,000,000 2022
David Carr 25,000,000 2022
Philip Rivers 25,000,000 2020
Tom Brady 25,000,000 2021
Drew Brees 25,000,000 2021
Alex Smith 23,500,000 2022
Teddy Bridgewater 21,000,000 2022
Cam Newton 1,662,500 2020

He’ll get a new deal where ever he gets traded to… I was told that’s proper “ediqutte” by a mod here

Yep Stafford is a bargain

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Eason QB signed for next 3 years
Campbell WR signed for next 2 years Or
Pittman WR signed for 3 years either one would be a plus WR for Lions an signed an cheap
This years rd 1 an rd 2 pick
next years rd 2 pick

A Trade like this we get players we know an picks…picks are a gamble Eason being signed gives us time if we want to build team first an allow a rookie time also at QB…A WR would help with WR group…maybe picks 1 an 2 are to much this year so 1 an 3 an 2 next season…Colts have a ton of cap room an talent its win next 2 or 3 year for them. Why i think Colts are best fit for Matt an trade wouldn’t hurt them either

Dead, I think Justin Rogers from the News said there might be a way they could spread Stafford’s cap hit over two years, related to June 1st. He was going to double check if he was accurate.


I believe that’s only if he’s released, but I could be wrong

@Guitargod19 is correct, June 1 designation is only for cuts . . . doesn’t apply to trades. For the Lions it’s not a huge deal if the June 1 designation could be applied to the Lions trades, it would save them $6M this year, but also cost them $6M in 2022 . . . just a timing difference and not significant. If they want to, the Lions could do a simply restructure on Flowers and save almost $9M similar timing difference of cap charges.

Justin Rogers has proven thus far to be no better of a source of Lions or NFL knowledge, insight or even hygiene than a homeless guy outside Allen Park…


Dan cried after seeing the lions practice facility after long time and hugged sheila , that’s weak . This emotional stuf need to stop , all matters is making progress from now

It really feels like they did him a favor instead of finding the best candidate… Props to him for wanting the job so bad, but that doesn’t make him the best choice.

The emotional stuff is part of the balance that has been missing.

Winning as MEN, instead of just winning as football players. That’s where guts of people like Muhammad Ali comes from. People that can dig deeper tap into their emotional body and use it to project their physical body into something that it doesn’t normally/natuarlly ant to do.

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To me Dan look legit . He said he wanted only lions job

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The pandemic has been hard on him. Just too much pajama time.

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Just so that I make sure I’m understanding we’re -5m in ‘21 but +23m in ‘22?

No, we’ll gain 14 million in 2021 by trading Stafford… He would’ve counted 33 million against the cap in 2021

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