Matthew Stafford Deserves as Much Blame for Lions' Woes as Matt Patricia

Patricia can’t win a single football game without Stafford. Not a single one.


10-16 with Stafford, 0-10 without. Middle of the road offense vs. worst defense in the league. Suuure, Stafford deserves more blame than Patricia.


The blame for me goes:

  1. Quinn
  2. Patricia
  3. Defensive personel
  4. Stafford

Lots of blame to go around. They would even now be 2-2 if the rook doesn’t drop a game-winning toss into his hands in game 1. Stafford is who is he is. Good enough to win. Not the problem in the big picture. That Quinn has not been able to build a defense and that Patricia has not been able to scheme them for success are the biggest problems. Look at Stafford’s career and you will see that he can win with a team around him. That’s the biggest problem by far. He’s not Rodgers or Brady or Manning. I’m ready and looking forward to the next QB, but Stafford’s talent has been wasted in Detroit. He’s super rich, so I don’t pity him. It is a shame that he never had much of a chance to win here. Oh well, bring on the fresh meat. Which talented young QB can this team ruin next?

I just can’t bring myself to blame Quinn more than Patricia. The product Quinn is putting on the field is worth more wins than Patricia is getting out of them. This is NOT a bottom 5 roster and Patricia is coaching them to bottom 5 results. Its disgusting.


I will grant you that. But Quinn believed in Patricia and he knew him well. The buck stops there as far as I’m concerned.


I’ll be the first to admit that Stafford had a bad game. No excuses here but I do feel like Stafford’s biggest flaw is that he tries to do too much. When the game starts to unravel he starts forcing balls and making throws hurried. The ends result is usually mistakes.

But make no mistake. The problems with this team are not related to Stafford. Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn are the main reason this team is failing.

Honestly it’s time to tear it down and start fresh.

BQ blew the Lions window the moment he brought MP in. The team went down hill from that moment on.


If the defense could even get to somewhere between mediocre and average we would most like be capable for being a 7 or 8 win team. But instead it is terrible and trending towards the bottom of nearly every metric or category.

If the defense could even improve to around the 20th best defense in the league we would be a lot better. Our head coach who is responsible for the defensive scheme and decision making is the one who is accountable here and should shoulder the blame. His scheme does not work, it does not put his players in positions to succeed let alone excel. You simply cannot be a defensive minded HC and oversee such a shit show.

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And part of the reason why Stafford tries to do too much is because he knows they have to score every possession to have a chance.

I’m baffled that any Lions fan who watches this team regularly thinks that Stafford is the main culprit or even close to as responsible for this mess as Patricia or Quinn for that matter. Stafford is a good but flawed player stuck on a very bad team coached by a very bad coach. They are 0-10 without Stafford FFS. That should tell you everything about Patricia. Stafford is the only thing keeping this team from being heavily involved in the Lawrence sweepstakes.


Patricia is clearly the main culprit but I think there is substantial evidence that Stafford is unlikely to win us a Lombardi trophy.

I’m certainly more open minded about keeping him around then MP or BQ but my preference is to build around an elite young QB prospect should we draft high enough to get one.

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Why not just put Martha as your #1 then?

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I’ve said many time the Fords are responsible for our misery. I can’t blame Martha, but I can blame WCF. He hired buddies to run the team early and then didn’t ever make a decent hire for GM. Henry Ford was brilliant, but he was also literally a Nazi-loving you know what. I’ve joked before that God has it out for the Lions because Henry liked Hitler too much. But the buck does stop with the Ford family. I don’t hate them, at all. But they have no business owing an NFL franchise, the record is clear.

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The buck stops with her.

It’s hard to tell if Stafford is pushing too hard because the defense can’t stop anyone without turnovers, or if his decision making has regressed. The end results look the same.

I can understand feeling pressure to score every time he has the ball, but Stafford has been in the league too long to think lobbing up balls that are as likely to be intercepted as they are to be caught is a terrible strategy. Even settling for a field goal on the possession where he threw the pick puts the Lions in in a better situation later in the game.

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She was the one who went outside to hire “experts” to find the next Lions GM. I can’t blame an elderly woman who has no idea how to run the NFL team she inherited. That seems a reach. Let’s face it, it’s the classic story of a patriarch building an empire and his progeny frittering it away. Thank goodness FOMOCO is a public company, or they would have ruined that too, I’m sure.

I used Kevin Colbert the GM in Pitt as a prime example of how inept our franchise is. The guy goes to Pitt and does an exceptional job yet he could even get an “F you from the Lions” He was responsible for a lot of the talent the team acquired (in Detroit)

So the buck stops short of the person in charge. Interesting take. Can we skip the whole “buck stops here” schtick and evaluate what each person is actually bringing to the table?


I don’t disagree that Stafford isn’t capable of winning a Super Bowl HERE and I also agree that it’s time to move on from Stafford after this year but he is very far down the list of being the problem here.

He just had the misfortune of being drafted by the Lions, what you’re seeing this season is a broken man. I think he’s as done with the Lions as they probably are with him. I hope to god he wins a Super Bowl elsewhere and sticks it to this organization. Maybe New Orleans after this year?

Yes, let’s blame a 95-year-old woman for the Lions woes. How about Ernie Accorsi, the guy they hired to pick Quinn IIRC?

The Fords need to find another consultant this time around who steers them in the right direction. I won’t fault an old lady who at least tried to do the right thing.

He went out the door when we cleaned house and brought Millen in. The 90’s teams were stacked. Just lacked a coach and consistency. Changing coordinators every year killed those teams

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