Matthew Stafford ranked 6th best QB by NFL execs

So I’m sure this is another paywall, but just wanted to highlight the bias in NFL front offices as well as the bias in the media. Stafford is only behind Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, Wilson, and Allen, which he clearly wasn’t while he was a Lion according to these “executives”, “scouts”, and “coaches”.

Stafford moved up four spots for no other reason than his move to the Rams via trade could align him closer to the greats.

From the article


Every mouth breather on ESPN and NFL Network has the same opinion…

Matt Stafford when with the Lions: meh, 14th in the league.

Matt Stafford now with Rams:

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Unpopular prediction…

In 2 years he’ll be back to #14 on the mouth breather’s lists.

This is how hype works. Time and reality eventually always creep back in.


Over the years I always thought it was funny when they’d take some young guy and just artificially shoe horn him in ahead of Stafford. They seemed to do it a little less in Matt’s final few years here. But for a handful of years it was almost comical.


Now they do it with Goff.


I think when they do these rankings, it’s hard not to factor in the talent around a QB when ranking them. The Rams gave up half as many points as the Lions last year. It’s hard not to rank Stafford higher just for the simple fact that he won’t be required to do as much to win the game.

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So your saying they recognize that it’s a team sport?

Shows how little they know.

Lions fans have repeatedly told me that it’s the QB who decides wether you win or lose a game. The rest of the team doesn’t matter.


I think sectors of every fan base has said this at 1 time or another

Its hard not to factor surrounding cast into the equation. But I’m not sure I’ve ever heard someone say that you should rank a QB higher because he will have to do less.


I think the point is that he was previously ranked lower by a lot of people because he always had to do more in order to win. Winning is a much easier accolade to get when your team is good. So now people think stafford will become a winner because he has team around him

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He’s a talented QB who just went to a roster with way better wide receivers than he had for his last ranking.

Why wouldn’t people expect this?

When Robert Woods was a free agent he was ranked the 15th WR in the class.

When Stafford’s buddy was a free agent he was ranked the 4th WR in the class and the “other guy” was ranked 10th.

And another Stafford target ranked 2nd at WR.


If we wait long enough, this offseason I think I’ll be ranked ahead of Goff, and Stafford will pass Joe Montana.


Amen. I’m so sick of reading about how great Stafford all of a sudden is.

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That’s a major reason he never went to the pro bowl. You had Aaron Rogers, drew brees and then media darling of the year. In 2011 the lions won 11 games and stafford threw for 5,000 yards and 41 td’s. He was the 6th alternate for the pro bowl! Any other QB on any other team would not only have made the pro bowl but probably win mvp. It’s just part of being a lion. Same thing happened to Jason Hanson and Calvin Johnson in 2008. Hanson set the nfl record for kicks made beyond 50. Calvin had I think 1,300 yards and 12ish touchdowns. Neither came close to the pro bowl. It’s just sad.


The Stafford hype is starting to get out of control this off-season.


One thing I have learned is people love to build someone up so high only to tear them down to the ground as soon as they can. We shall see what happens. But I don’t think after 12 years Stafford is going to be any different than he always has been.

I’m surprised no one has ranked Blough ahead of Goff yet.


Ok so I was just going to look up all the Lions receivers over the years to see who I forgot, I searched 2011 Lions roster and this shows up…

So Pat Summerall was on the 2011 Detroit lions… huh. I can see why we might’ve flamed out in the playoffs, he’s old!!!

Ok so if you just Google search the Lions 20**roster pat summerall shows up in the lineup of pictures every time. Is there something I don’t know?


What does Robert Woods’ free agent ranking 4 years ago have anything to do with his play over the past year or two?

What does having the 4th ranked WR have to do with not having weapons? Or the 10th? Or the previous years 2nd?