Matthew Stafford still laments the Lions 2014 playoff loss to the Cowboys

Us too. It was highway robbery.

However, karma even things out when the Cowboys lost to the Packers on a controversial call.


Just another example of the NFL likely being fixed WWE style.


Mike Florio (@DeadStroke’s favorite!!!) made an amusing observation about Matthew Stafford recently.

Florio said (paraphrasing): “Matthew Stafford has talked more in the last 2 weeks than he did for 12 years in Detroit.”

Ol’ Matty has become a “Chatty Cathy”.


You become more relevant, when you move from a bottom of the barrel team to a contender.

I want to see a cage match between Matt and Florio.

That whole game was a ref Star gobbling fest


That was the most bizarre call/non-call/pick up the flag scenario I have ever seen. The way I remember it, they threw the flag, announced the penalty, then picked the flag up, moved the ball back, never said a word, and acted like nothing ever happened. Kind of like the cop in South Park— nothing to see here you lookie Lou’s.


Nothing worse than the Samkon Gado ref thievery. But yeah.


I did enjoy the Jerome Bettis “tails” call in overtime 1998. “Tails it is- Detroit will receive the kick,” said Phil Luckett. Bettis went berserk.”I called TAILS!” To no avail. Luckett claimed the Bus called Heads Tails. We got the ball and marched it down for the win. Not a playoff game, but a stolen-by-the-officials victory nonetheless. How sweet it is.

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That was the worst of all-time.

Holding in the endzone–safety.

Knees down in the endzone–safety.

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I hate fuckery regardless of the benefactor. Truth is, those things go against us 20 to 1.


It could be the case, and I’m just throwing this out there, that Florio is a complete asshole. And whereas Stafford has actually accomplished something in life, Florio’s career and life evidently revolve around talking about how frequently a greater, more accomplished man … talks.

I do my best to not complain about holding calls. They easily go for and against every team with the utmost bewilderment…
Suh got literally tackled TWICE on his way to Romo during thier last drive. Highway robbery.
And, NO Cowboys fans, I will NOT get over it or let it go! It was the best team I’ve seen my Lions put on a field, and we won the damn game!


No receiver in the area. Intentional grounding in the end zone. Safety.

Ball didn’t make it back to LOS, intentional grounding in the end zone. Safety.

Illegal receivers downfield.


Yep, Stafford said the same thing I’ve been saying about that game, they “didn’t click” when they needed to and only scored 6 points in the final 3 quarters. Hard to win or sit on a lead for 3 quarters, this is the NFL and you’re playing another playoff team, especially when you’re playing an offense 5th in scoring that year.

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Tom Brady scored 3 points and threw 3 straight interceptions in 28 minutes of 2nd half football to get to the Super Bowl. It happens. Just call the game right is all I ask.

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Stafford has had a bit of a farewell tour with WDIV and with Mitch Albom. He’s had a spot with Mitch since he got here. It’s true that he’s saying more as he bids farewell, but the fact is he has been talking somewhat over the years, it’s just that as a Lion it’s never been interesting to the public at large.

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“It’s a deal!” :wink:

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And yes, if we lose without any “questionable calls” it would be a lot easier to stomach.


and an extreme outlier situation.

After that Packer game in Lambeau, I walked out and hardly spoke to anyone. I was PISSED. Had to go get ahold of my emotions. LOL.

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And if you recall, the officials met up and spent about 10 minutes talking.

I imagine that went something like, “Guys, the Lions are going to beat the Packers if we call what just happened here. Ideas?”