Matthew Stafford Trade Partners: 49ers, Patriots, and Colts lead the list

The issue with the Patriots is their supporting cast. Stafford would currently be downgrading from the Lions’ cast by moving to New England, which is hard to do.

This line in the article really turned my head.

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And just think, Tom Brady had that group of WRs and offensive skill players in position for a first round bye until the defense gave up a big play game winner with less than a minute left in week 17 in his last season there.


Every one of these articles focuses on the current team needs of other teams and neglects the fact that Detroit absolutely needs a QB to replace him.

If I recall correctly NE had the most or close to it, of Covid opt outs in the league last year, so their W/L may be an aberration as those guys come back.

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Where can Stafford land and turn the franchise into Super Bowl favorites?
Think Saints, if Bree’s had 1/2 the deep ball Stafford throws, they’d still be playing.
MC/DC has a great relationship with the organization, I see the Saints as a viable underhorse in the sweep stakes.

Yeah but the Saints will be in cap-hell and will be having to trim a lot of talent to save money…but they’ll still have Thomas and Kamara, so that’s appealing I guess.

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Detroit isn’t getting a QB by trading Stafford. It’s why these teams want Stafford, they don’t have a QB.


I’m really hoping Denver wants him.

#9 for #9 overall + 2022 1st + a player would be great.

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But they know Detroit is going to use a draft pick to get one. They never mention how low the team’s draft pick is, and Detroit needs one they can use for a QB.

I’m sure their presumption is that QB is coming in the first round of the draft.

I do notice, however, that all of these national pundits are couching this based on what makes sense with other teams. Detroit holds the cards here.

One guy tweeted that Indy is a perfect fit. Indy has the 21st pick in the draft. I certainly hope the Lions are aiming higher than that.

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Agreed. I understand why Indy makes sense to them, but #21 overall doesn’t move the needle much. They better come with more than that.

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I wonder if we should put Miami in that mix if they aren’t sold on Tua? They have more than enough draft capitol to spend.

Drew Lock? :thinking:

I don’t think they are sold on lock and i think elway is obsessed with trying to find the guy… hoping he thinks stafford is the guy.

I just want their picks and maybe a defender… like a lb. Not lock.

If he was the guy we would have seen it by now.

Exactly. That was my whole point. Yeah, Indy is a great place for Stafford, but what can they offer Detroit?

‘21 and ‘22 1st has to be a starting point for Indy. What else? Not sure. Would they part with Braden Smith. Only - year left before he hits FA so they might. Would we want him knowing that he’ll cost 13-14m in a year.

If we can get 2 first round picks and a second rd pick, I’m good with that

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Ideally: 2021 1st and 3rd, 2022 1st.

That would be an epic haul. Don’t think we get nearly that much.

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