Matty still has a job

Been watching for it all day, but Matty still had his job.

And as I said yesterday, Matty is coaching a team that would be LEADING an NFC division, his team beat the current div leader of that div. How can you fire a coach who has his team in a position that would be in 1st place in one of the nfc divisions?

That sounds like just the kind of justification this loser franchise would make.

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These December games are meaningful to the morale and spirit of Bob Quinn’s self confidence and Patricia’s ego, so we will keep them on and decide next year what to do about the awful luck they encountered and the Rona, and the lack of fans to energize the team, and the injuries, and the refs jobbing us and consistency is important.


Sheila Ford Hamp

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Lol give it time… I could see a 5p news dump coming, or, even Monday… someone mentioned in another thread Mooch was fired the Monday after thanksgiving… so, we’ll see.

That being said, does anyone really want bevel to be the interim HC? I mean, the offensive playcalling has been pretty bad… I guess I’d be for Coombs, but at the same time I don’t want him to get the promotion, show some success (or fail) and then not be given an opportunity to come back as ST coach.

Was hoping it would be today. Day certainly isn’t over but every passing day leaves me less confident in ownership ever being different then it has been.

Won’t happen til the end of the season IMO

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Does anyone in that Division stand a chance against the top teams in the NFL? We were ok at being a team that barely made the playoffs then were a first round exit. That supposedly wasn’t good enough. Now the bar is only going to the playoffs IF you hypothetically were in the worst division in football for a one and done? Really?

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Worst, best, midland, it is an NFC div, period, and this coach has beaten the leader of that div and his team would be in 1st place in that div, what a coach. Lol

Is this take for real?

Today could just be exit interview day… formal announcement this weekend or Monday…

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Sorry wrong thread , I thought you were referring matt Stafford

IF we make the playoffs, I’d say that’s an improvement over past few seasons and wouldn’t complain HOW we got there.

Ok, we should get moved to the NFC East any day now…

Well is it true or not?. Has he coached a team that would be in 1st place in a certain NFC div and beaten the leader of that div in a head to head battle?.

The Fords just aren’t a knee jerk bunch…quite the opposite.

They will huddle up, Grey Poupon in hand and arrive at a slow decision in a time frame that is unfathomable to most human beings with any exposure to this Wretched Regime the last 3 years.

They will have to figure out if they are clearing any of the Patriot Way sycophants Quinn has infiltrated the FO with, and if so, who can keep the wheels turning for the rest of the year. They need to do the same regarding the coaching staff. It’s very possible Bevell gets shown the door the same day.

They have already I’m sure been making overtures to the NFL about getting some help in both the get through the season phase and the here we go again, this time don’t send us Accorsi part of the plea. That will take time.

I would expect Monday, though I had 12/2 in the pool so maybe they hold off for 48 more hours just because they are wretched at what they do as well…