McCaffrey transferring?

Told you UOFM fans this kid will leave.

Is he transferring into his brother’s body so he can be good?

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That’s what QBs do when they get beat out for the starting job. Anybody who thinks otherwise isn’t paying attention.

Duh…but I was told by a ton of people he will never transfer.

The xfer portal is college football’s version of the waiver wire/free agency lol

By who? I’ve never seen it discussed here and you go to a UM board and it was pretty commonly thought that the loser of the QB competition was likely going to transfer. Especially if that loser was Mccaffrey since he was older than Milton.

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He got beat out by Milton, means he probably wouldn’t be the starter at UM in the future with the young guys behind him.

I actually like this as it shows that it was a real competition between qb’s recruited by UM and, as is not unusual now days, loser transfers.

And receives his participation trophy on his way out the door. Competition breeds talent, but hey, Northern Colorado has a daunting schedule.

If I had any ounce of draft potential I too would transfer out of any Michigan college.

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Michigan has put quite a few players in the NFL, and the schools that do better probably aren’t interested in Michigans castoffs.

He wasn’t a castoff last year.

He was a backup last year and he’s leaving because he is a backup this year. You think OSU or Bama want a guy who can’t secure a starting spot at UM?

Lol. Ok if you say so.

Seriously? You have some inside info you care to share? Because every report for the last month or so is that Milton is outplaying McCaffrey. You really think a QB is going to sit at Michigan for three years, finally get his chance to start and then transfer?

A month when they couldn’t have full practices.

They were still practicing. You don’t think he saw the writing on the wall?
It’s in the coaches best interest to have the starter picked out asap. Get them more reps with the first team.

Yes, I realize this. And I’m a big Wolverine fan…

However, the current state of the state of Michigan should have college athlete’s with potential running for another state for the time being.

Meant to quote this one, my bad…