MCDC on the MacAfee Show 3pm EST

It was mentioned in the presser thread but thought it deserved a thread of its own. MacAfee runs a great show. Should be a great segment.

Sirius channel 82 for those of you who have it. I believe he also posts on YouTube for all to listen after the show airs.


Oh, this is gonna be a great interview!! Thanks for posting this @LionsBlood

McAfee tells some hilarious stories as a former player. He’s got stories about the Colts destroying a hotel during training camp and the priceless Jim Caldwell reaction to the incident. The Adrian Peterson “handshake” story is brilliant and that includes some funny bits about Vanden bosch and is red contact lenses. He’s got a funny one about a game in London where he ate an entire bag of edibles before getting off the plane. They’re all worth listening to and give a candid insight into the life of an NFL player.

A rabbit hole of entertainment with Pat McAfee stories. I hope to see a show or podcast with Rob Gronkowski and McAfee one day.

I don’t know that there’s much to Gronk beyond giggling at sixty-nine jokes and boobs.

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It was a pretty good interview

Oops. I was off by 3 hours. My bad.

Great interview. Glad to hear that Duece or Glenn can suit up if we have a roster shortage.


Thanks for posting and love his enthusiasm.

Crap I just jumped on it to find out it wasn’t on.

Moved my schedule around to hear it too.

Anyway looks like his show is from 12-3.

You can still play it like a DVR. Just drag the slider to the appropriate spot in the recording.


Interesting items I noted:

  1. discusses what he looks for at QB1 56 minutes in. Goff described to a T.
  2. Very funny joke about hiring former players so they can jump in and play if needed. Got Pat laughing like crazy.
  3. Talks about learning when and how to be aggressive from Sean Payton. He is a more conservative grind it out mentality but Sean taught him how to press for the advantage.
  4. Wants to trust his coaches to come up with the plan and execute and he will tweak from a high level where he sees the need. Overall good strategy for a HC instead of being a micro manager
  5. Gives a ton of credit to new owner Ford who helped get everyone rowing in the same direction. Obviously that’s his ~Boss but still he articulated in a way that was genuine.

In hindsight I might have saved everybody time since you can just straight to the interview. I love happy accidents.

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Glad I was able to catch it after the fact. Thanks for sharing.

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He frequently talks about being conservative and grinding it out. I brought this up in the thread a few times.

Anthony Lynn loves to run the ball so I expect a large emphasis on the run game.

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Yeah, I liked this part. I think we’ll be run heavy as many expect, but I do think they will open it up more as the team comes together. It’s not just the offense, he talks about special teams as well.

I’m not really concerned about if they are more run heavy or pass, I just want them to be effective to whatever play is called. Putting players in a position to succeed was what I really got out of the Sean Payton piece.

I like how he and McGee slammed using analytics as a go to vs just another tool and too many coaches are simply defaulting thier choices to the system… if it fails they blame the numbers not themselves as a coach

And Dan crushed that!!


Morningwheg (sp?) did the exact opposite of analytics, right down to trying to have the fewest points at the end of games, taking the wind, etc. I’m surprised that dude didn’t punt on first down.

Strategically conservative, but philosophically pit bull. That’s what’s missing with a lot of coaches. Players are still humans, and need to have fun out there. Dudes like Patricia bore the shit out of the guys. Thankful for this change.

Love this. Only way a coach like him can win, IMO. Totally behind our setup and coaches, right now.

Yup- he was being honest. His depiction of organizations that don’t run that was is proof enough for me. Loved his description of this. I think we’re on a really good path.


You know who I hear a lot of in Campbell’s demeanor, and how he views competition?

Kirk Gibson.

How’d Gibson do in big postseason moments?

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That was a good interview. Some good information and some good laughs.

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One part has me super fired up.

Paraphrasing: “Before Sean I was a little bit more conservative but I’ve really become a pretty aggressive thinker.”

This can absolutely end terribly but this is the most upside in a setup that we’ve had in forever.

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