MCDC, Tight Ends and Hock trade

Do you think the play of our tight ends (Wright, Mitchell and Zylstra) is due to the coaching of MCDC. Also, I know the trade of Hock had a bit to do with the $$$s, but I do not think he was the type of all-around TE MCDC wants. The current TEs are the type MCDC was, gritty and will do anything on the field


And our current TEs are money ball players. The Lions plan, IMO, is to pay core players on offense and defense. Hock was not a core player. Thus the trade


W o r d


We knew Brock Wright could block, but he’s been a pleasant surprise in the passing game since trading Hock as well. Hock trade just keeps looking better, now Holmes has to draft a stud with the 2nd rounder.

And before anyone says the curse of the 2nd rounder, did you see Paschal and Swift yesterday!? haha


Dan was a Pro TE, and TE Coach.
Johnson was a a TE Coach.
Engstrand has a hell of a pedigree and was a QB in College.
The Lions have excellent TE coaching.


I’d like to see Cabinda get back involved in the passing game. I think he could be an X factor against Green Bay. He did catch a pass against Chicago which is promising, but if feels like since those two drops against the Giants he’s been phased out.

He is a key guy to putting defenders into conflict, imo, but needs to be an actual threat first.

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His frying pan hands make it tough to draw up passing plays for him. He was a linebacker for a reason.

Brock’s success made me look him up. I didn’t realize he was one of the top recruits in the country and was supposed to be the kind of kid that gets drafted on the first or second day of the draft. Instead Cole Kmet took over the position and Brock was relegated to blocking duty. I am glad he is making the most out of his second chance at glory.

He is also from Texas, which is something Dan pays attention to. He is from a town 35 miles from where Aaron Glenn is from. I bet they gave him some shit for not going to A&M.


ppl in TX think football is a religion. I coached down there, and those ppl are fanatical. LOVE that.

Considering Brock only had 7 career catches in college it’s amazing.


Really? that’s wild.

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