MCDCs path to our HC

This article got me thinking about DCs path to become our HC.

He was never an O,?!

Sean picked him to be his Asst HC from the get go and he spent five years doing that…. And boom he is now a HC

Wondering if this particular he was able to take will make him a better HC overall and from the start?

He only has been taugh from the HC, Sean Payton, point of view and learned only about being a HC and delegating
The suite for OC and DC down…. Not wanting to brand the coordinators with “his” ways had been went the traditional route of being an OC or DC fist

I’m wondering before we see him on Sundays that maybe this path will work out better?!

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One man’s opinion.

For Campbell, that’s either a not too shabby 5-7 record as an interim HC or 0-0 as Lions HC.

Anyway, Campbell has surrounded himself with great coaches including a former HC in Anthony Lynn. I think he’s going to be just fine.

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I’m just wondering if, in the future, we may see more HCs wanting to have an Asst., who doesn’t need to go the route of OC or DC and ends up just fine being trained just to be an HC….


Wow I am starting to see this Detroit effect. Goff the 31st QB. DC the 31st Coach.

I’m 99% sure neither is true.


And suddenly Matt Stafford is getting all the accolades he never came close to getting in Detroit…the media bias is absolutely ludicrous.


Hmmm pretty sure Andy Reid wasn’t s coordinator. Think I’ll just skip reading the article.

Welcome to the club! Now feel the anger flow through you… :crazy_face:


Get used to it.

Detroit Vs. Everybody


Even our own fans are rooting against us :joy:


Just go look at the Pistons. They get the no. 1 pick in a year year a “generational prospect” and absolutely no one is talking about it. If it was Houston or Toronto or someone else, I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to turn on the TV without seeing Cade Cunningham jersey swaps and acclaim.

Detroit Vs. Everybody


Agree with all of the above.

We supposedly have the 31st rated QB, 31st overall talent, and 31st head coach. No other team comes close to that “trifecta” assigned to us by the media.

Obviously Houston is the only thing keeping us from being 32 in everything. But they at least have a trump card in Watson, who is a top 5 QB, they can turn into a rather large haul if he exits.

This should be incredible motivation for our players and staff (although they dont need it).

We aren’t going to be an easy team to play over the next few years. Mark my words.

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The Pistons didn’t WIN the NBA Championship. The other team lost it. That was the narrative.


Yup, and the Pistons played “dirty”

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As a former Laker fan, I can absolutely tell you that the Pistons 100% won the 89 championship, and anyone who says different is delusional. I had never hated a team more than I did the Pistons in those years (okay, maybe the Celtics), but I sure respect the hell out of the heart and grit they played with now. Those guys would have killed and died for one another all in the same night. What a team! Didn’t watch the Blazers series… too salty still, but knowing that team, they 100% won that one as well.


Not to mention everybody has started the “what would the Pistons trade for the #1 overall pick” talk

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This was the narrative for the red wings in the 90s as well… Detroit didn’t win the other team just didn’t do enough… common theme through the ages

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I can’t wait til the 31st beat team and 31st beat coach show everyone up and bite off the kneecaps of the division! Only way to prove it is to win, no matter how much you have going against you. Just win


:muscle: :sunglasses:

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And very astute observation as I feel like some “fans” enjoy wallowing in the misery and never want to admit the team could be getting it right.

And they root against the lions to prove the point…

Hoping for some real tangible positives this year to show we are legit

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I was referring to the 2004 team.

Exactly! I’m sure if you promised them a Super Bowl they’d take it. But short of that its “OMG this Goff guy is hurting our draft picks!”