McShay Mock 4.0

Jalen Carter going 5 to Seattle

Lions taking Tyree Wilson, Bijan, Jake Campbell and Sam LaPorta


I wouldn’t hate it. I don’t get a good feeling about Tyree Wilson. Not sure if he will flat out bust, but I think he will struggle to prove he is a worth a top 10 pick.

Love Bijan. Really like Jack Campbell as well and Laporta gives me Mark Andrews vibes.


I’m good with that

I guess i would be pretty excited about that. Those players are all on my list of guys. Wilson has a high floor and ceiling. I see him as a kid just learning to use his body. He has a lot of potential. And at worst is a hell of a run defender who will get his share of sacks.

Bijan - nuff said. Call him a slot receiver and no one bitches about 1st round rb.

LePorta is definitely one of my guys. I know we dont need a te. But would you spend 55 on kittle anyway? ■■■■ yes you would. I think he will be a star.

Campbell has it between the ears so i expect a good career. i like him. I like henley a lot too but campbell has the reach to bat balls over the middle

So the D gets longer
And the O gets stronger


I don’t see why Indy trades up because if Az wants Will Anderson they’re not falling back behind Indy because Indy would just take him at four if a team leapfrogged them to take AR at #3. And then Az would be looking at Carter or Wilson at 5 or whatever if they swapped back later than Seattle.

Indy should leak having a trade worked out with Detroit should a unnamed player still be on the board to further spook Az.

I’d be happy with this draft!


It’s because there is no one else. There pushing defensive players up because of lack of talent. And I would hate that draft. Robinson is the only one I like , love Campbell but I don’t see them taking a LB that high. I don’t see a need for a guy like Sam we don’t use our TEs like that.

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Seems most likely at this point. The issue is what we do when Bijan isn’t on the board at 18.
I also prefer Kraft over Laporte for the reason socko mentioned. But all in all Mcshay nailed it for us IMO

Since it’s McShay and he’s one of the worst mock drafters out there, I feel pretty confident none of this will happen


Love my IOWA boys but I’d go OL before I took LaPorta.


He’s such a goober


Who did he have getting Levis?

Raiders still in contention to get Mac Jones. That would shake up all the dream trade down scenarios that have teams leap frogging LV, not they are likely to happen anyways.

I like that he has Zona and Indy trade happen. I can see that

Oh thank God. I was having a panic attack. You have no idea how much I needed to read that…

I can survive Tyree, but the rest…are not my cup of tea. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


It was 4.0 on his way to 5.0 and likely 6.0 at which time even the blind squirrel will find a nut here or there.

I absolutely would bitch about a 1st round slot WR.

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I hope he means Jack.

I wouldn’t hate it but definitely not love it. If Wilson is the best option I can only hope like hell BH trades down, I think you can get three Wilson-ish prospects in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Bijan is a stud but taking any RB in rd one is not optimal and from what I can tell not part of BH strategy, very low positional value. Signing Montgomery to a 3yr deal rather than a one year deal tells me they dont intend to invest first round draft capital on a RB, maybe fourth or fifth round. But who knows, I’m an armchair draft guru so in other words I dont know WTF I’m talking about.

With the four year rookie deals and 5th year option for 1st rd picks positional value plays a big role, Edge, WR, LT, QB and CB are key so maybe Wilson is the guy.

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I like it. Bijan would make the a very good Lions offense dominant.

Tyree and Bijan!
That’s a me mock! I’m in.

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