McVay Speaks on Goff for the first time since the trade

Full transcript edited to Goff Comments below. Here are check points through the interview specific to Goff and my thoughts:

First Jourdan very strategically avoids trade topic at ~6:20mark

McVay is clearly uncomfortable and fidgeting. He has prepared notes about all the positive things he wants to say about Goff. This is both damage control and being classy to acknowledge all that him and Goff have been through in a positive way. Awesome response McVay!

Gary goes back to it ~13:30 mark:

Tough question calling out his statements about hoping Jared is stuck with him a long time.
McVay takes a deep breath and says “whoof”. McVay says he has learned not to make blanket statements. Appreciates Goff and wishes him the best.

Gary continues brings up Jared mentioning he wasn’t wanted. McVay says they’ve talked at ~15:15 mark. Says he wishes he was better for Goff in some instances. (meaning sometimes his fault and sometimes not).

Most interesting piece of the whole conversation is when McVay says they had “healthy open and honest conversations and those details I’d prefer to keep between us”. One very specific conversation we’ve all read about. Dying to know what was said. I’m thinking more and more that Goff stood up to McVay or called him out on something.

Different reporter asks how much was the personel changing around goff at the ~29 mark.

McVay defending Goff. Puts it back on himself. Team sport. QB not the complete reason for success or failure.
It takes coaches and players being connected and on the same page. We’ve seen that a phrasing a lot from Goff and McVay. minutes
Lindsay asks again about Gary’s comments. What could McVay had done better? McVay mentions real-time communications. We can only guess if he means that he wasn’t giving Goff the Feedback on his displeasure as the season went on OR his in game communication that was too flustered and confusing? Play calling?

Very interesting interview. I feel like McVay is looking more like the guy we saw 2 years ago. More humble. More insightful. More rested. You could tell this season was stressing him out. He feels good right night now after a taking some time in Cabo.


On when his assessment of former QB Jared Goff changed)
“I think that’s a really tough thing to answer. What I think is important to make sure that I mention is the amount of good things and really great leadership that he provided since I got here as a head coach. There’s been a Super Bowl appearance, there’s been a Conference Championship win, there’s been two division titles, there’s been three playoff wins that he was an intricate part of, there’s been three playoff appearances. So, what I’d rather focus on are the things that I think he did a great job of to establish himself in this league. The way he handled himself consistently day in and day out and all I can do is just be appreciative of that. That’s kind of what I would say on Jared (Goff).”

(On what changed with McVay and the organization regarding QB Jared Goff)
“I think what I would say that I’ve learned over the last handful of years is things change by the day. And you probably want to be careful making blanket statements when you can’t predict the future. Again, all I can go back to is appreciation for the times that we did have and wishing him nothing but the best moving forward.”

(On if he has had any conversations with Goff since the end of the season)
“I have, yeah. I think Jared and I had a lot of conversations. We had one that I want to keep that between myself and Jared, but I don’t want to get into the specifics of those types of things. But when you look back on the four that we did have together, there’s a lot of times you can smile on. And I would say there’s a lot of things that, you know, when I self-reflect, I certainly wish I was better for him in some instances. And those are things that think you have to acknowledge, move forward and make sure that, that you learn from every mistake that you make. And certainly, I’m not going to run away from the things that I could have been better for him as a leader and as a coach. There was a lot of really good things that occurred from 2017 and on that I think we can eventually really have a much better appreciation for. We have had good conversations that were healthy. And I think we were able to both communicate open and honestly with one another, but those details were to keep between us.”

On elaborating on the changes that occurred around Goff)
“I think the unfair narrative has been that some of our decrease in production is exclusively on the quarterback, that’s not true at all. I think certainly, I have a big hand in that. I have to be able to look myself in the mirror and acknowledge and be able to evolve, improve and take ownership in that. I do know that the head coach and the quarterback are the ones that always, sometimes you get too much credit or too much blame, but I’m not going to run away from the blame that’s deserved on my end. What I do think is important is that the narrative becomes, all right, this is the outlet for why the offense wasn’t what it was, that’s unfair to Jared and I think it’s disrespectful to what he’s done over the last four years. There’s a lot of things. Football’s the ultimate team sport. That quarterback position is vital to your success, but it’s not exclusively the reason for, or the reason not. There’s an element that absolutely, it’s about the ten around him. It’s about what kind of things are we doing to put our players in the most favorable spots? And when you go back and you watch, and there’s a lot of layers to every single snap, every single play, it’s not exclusive to the quarterback and there’s a lot of times when I’m looking at saying, ‘Man, I’ve got to do a better job, or we do collectively as a staff,’ and then there’s somewhere we’re saying, ‘We’ve got to execute. Whether it’s from upfront, tight ends, receivers, running backs or the quarterback.’ That’s what makes football such a unique game, but I do think that’s what goes back to it being the ultimate team game because it takes all 11 to be able to operate at an efficient level. It takes coaches and players being connected and being on the same page."

(On elaborating what he could have done better for Goff)
“I think it’s just the consistent and ongoing communication. You pride yourself in those types of things and I think I could have been much better about those real-time communications. I’m not going to make any excuses about it, but there’s a lot of things, even some of the decision-making in games, you know. Are you consistently putting him in the right positions to be successful? As a coach, as a leader, your job is to try to make situations and people that you’re around better and there were certainly some moments that I know I could have done better really for our team and Jared in particular.”


Before this, I had only seen McVay on the sidelines and perhaps a short clip here or there. Whatever stress he projected during the season wasn’t apparent on these clips. He did wince a little when Goff questions were raised, but he handled it properly and he’s moved on from “what happened” to “the path forward”. He’s an impressive guy and I can see why he’s had success leading the Rams to this point.


He was always a very praising of others and taking responsibility for failures kind of guy the first two years. Things started to change where he started blaming others or specific players instead of it starting with him. He did not look comfortable or himself by the end of this season. He was frustrated and wasn’t sure what to do. Even when Goff performed well he couldn’t say more than “he play good”.

Now he looks much more calm and collected and back to the guy he was.

Question now is if Stafford is not performing up to the very lofty expectations everyone has, will the Rams unravel?

As to Goff, you can tell from the interview that McVay thinks highly of him. He wouldn’t say all those things if he didn’t believe it. Clearly there was a rift and it was best to move on. Good for the Lions because they got a bounty for that rift and Holmes I’m sure knows what the issue is.


“Question now is if Stafford is not performing up to the very lofty expectations everyone has, will the Rams unravel?”

Yeah, this was a “make or break” move, I think Matt can be successful but he is going to need help. If they don’t hit the ground running, yes, it could get ugly in a hurry. Our situation here for Goff and a new staff is about as low pressure as it gets as there will be literally no expectations from the get go. It was encouraging to hear McVay take some responsibility for what went wrong, I’m sure Goff needs to hear that too.

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When Gurley performed like the second coming of Eric Dickerson, the Rams were great in 2017-2018. When Gurley started performing like a post-blown knee Billy Sims, not so good. To me, that’s the biggest difference between the first two years of the McVay-Goff regime & the last two seasons.


It will be interesting how McVay reacts to the Stafford boneheaded decisions. That’s just part of his game. He’ll save your ass more times than he will kill you, but he will kill you a couple times a year with some asinine decision making.


McVay will be fired within 2 years. There is a good chance the Rams finish in last place in the West next year.
The Niners will be healthy, Wilson can carry a team, and the Cards are on the rise.

I’m really skeptical of Kingsbury leading the Cards to new heights. That dude is like the Steve Alford of football. Always failing up.


It’s more if you believe in Kyler Murray. I think he either steps up to be a top 5 QB this year or he stays in the middle of the pack area.

Don’t know if I agree with you but the Steve Alford reference was priceless.

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I believe in Kyler Murray but that division is murder. If you told me they went 0-6 in the division next year it wouldn’t shock me. We’ll see. I think the Cards are in all likelihood a 7 or 8 win team next year.


I just don’t think the Rams are anything special and I don’t particularly believe Stafford is going to suddenly turn into a guy that elevates those around him.

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So in fairness to Kliff he hasn’t yet had the repeated failing upward trajectory that Alford did throughout his time at UCLA but when you look at Kliff’s college track record at Texas Tech it’s wild to think that he got an NFL head coaching job. OC? Absolutely. NFL HC? It was a head scratcher.

His two predecessors had winning percentages of .661 and .541 at TTU.

Despite having Baker Mayfield or Pat Mahomes for 3 of his five years in Lubbock Kliff wins only 46.7% of his games. He then parlays that into an NFL HC job? Just bizarre IMO.

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He must have been very good with re to the, “What have you learned from your mistakes?”, segment. And maybe he did, I think Mayhew may do well in his new assignment.

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Question will be whether Staley takes the defensive mojo with him to LAC or if LAR can maintain a top flight defense without him. IF they can, the those bonehead decisions won’t hurt him nearly as much there as it did here where if you weren’t putting up 30 points, you lose.


The Rams fanbase must have breathed a sigh of relief when McVay brought in Raheem Morris. If Campbell is a success here, that should bode well for Raheem’s chances at another HC position. He’s as much an energy guy as Campbell. But for the Rams fan’s perspective, they have to know they’re getting a good DC in there and that the bottom’s not going to fall out. Raheem cut his teeth in a Monte Kiffin defense, which is largely based on having an UnderTackle. Whether it’s a 4-3 Under or a 3-4 Under, you’re still creating 1-on-1 matchups for your interior pass-rusher (Donald). They shouldn’t miss a beat out there.

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People forget that McVay found a way to cheat the system by calling audibles into the headset of the QB at the last second if they lined-up fast enough.

I think he’s a very mediocre coach when he’s not cheating.

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It’s like kind of being pregnant. It’s either illegal, or it isn’t. If it is, and he’s still doing it, then he should be punished. If he does it, and isn’t punished, then every OC should adopt the behavior. This is different than a holding call being different if you wear a yellow helmet…

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I think they changed it after they figured-out he was doing it.

Yes he would. If what he’s saying is true then he wouldn’t have gotten rid of Goff, especially not when you consider what it cost them.

Its all coach speak, “we have to coach better” was one of Patricia’s favourite say-nothing lines. He was hardly going to come out and say that Goff is trash, but he clearly believes that or they wouldn’t have traded him.

Empty words and platitudes. Anything else would cause a media storm.

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