Media at its finest (Fran Duffy, Eagles) Covers Lions ahead of Week 3

Podcast for Week 3:

Youtube production (some tweets below are snippets from this video): The “Enemy Intel” begins at the 8:30 mark.

Tweets pertaining to Lions: (click each one to see/hear the presentation)

The sick part is this cat does this every week on the opponent. Fran Duffy alone has just produced more content about the Detroit Lions simply because they are this week’s opponent than the entire Detroit media, including the Lions. Nobody better in sports media, IMO.


Good stuff. Thanks for posting


I really like the secondary and think it is the strength of the defense so far. When some of the guys get in football shape, they will get even better.

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Jeebus, that’s a jaw dropping amount of content.

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Duffy is awesome. With the amount of video content out there, there’s no excuse that every team’s beat writer cannot do a breakdown like this every week.

I am shocked that someone doesn’t do this for the Lions. If they do, they need to get there name out there.

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That’s what I was thinking. I had learned more in those tweets about the Lions than I ever have from Carlos Moneraz, or what ever his name is.

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the clips in the tweets won’t play :sweat:

tried them in Edge and they seem to be working :thinking:

These are great clips, thanks for the post!

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Glad you got in. Some are replays of the youtube content.

Greg Cosell is my favorite. Love that guy.

More Fran on Lions/Eagles, as he reviews Eagle’s big plays.

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Thanks for posting. This is good stuff.

What are you guys talking about? Mike O’Hara and Chris Spielman break down plays every week.

And you have the X and O’s with Dan O.

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