Media Bias Chart - Article gives interesting analysis

Scanning my usual feeds and came across this article. Interesting read regarding the move from fact-based reporting to biased reporting, but the chart at the bottom is a nice breakdown of left and right leaners. Enjoy…

Just an aside, researcher is from McGill “up-north” so likely not as biased as some might soon suggest…


That chart is simple and weird at the same time

Fake chart, there is no way the weather channel is right that often.



Or any of the others :wink:
all “researchers” and unbiased :wink: “fact checkers” …riiiiiiiiggght :wink:

I don’t trust any media. Everyone’s got an agenda, these days, and it’s so thick they don’t even try to get it right.


Yeah, when I hear an initial report about anything I simply wait for the follow up. These news/entertainment sites rush to be first and provide their immediate spin without vetting so there’s always a delay to get to what REALLY happened or is going on.


Me neither.

*Eighty-six percent of Americans believe there is “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of political bias in the way the media covers news, according to a Knight Foundation/Gallup poll [released ] on Tuesday.

*( *

The number of Americans that see bias in the media is up almost 25 percentage points from 62 percent in 2007. Almost half of Americans — 49 percent — now say there’s a great deal of political bias in news coverage.*

While Republicans are more likely to say there’s a “great deal” of bias and Democrats more often said there was a “fair amount,” large majorities of both political parties believed that some bias existed: 78 percent of Democrats and 94 percent of Republicans.


For me, I wanted to see where “my favorites” played out, pretty much where I thought they would be…fairly accurate and tend not to favor either side based on the chart. I’m old school (because I’m old…) and prefer the old established major networks and they seem to report the facts more than others with limited spin. Surprised that a few of the outlets were in the middle considering how they are bashed by righty and lefty.

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I think this is closer to the truth imho!!

Long watch but worth it if you believe… I’m trying to connect Jesus to this in the OT…

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Oooh, this message board isn’t going to like that chart…


Watched that movie about 3 weeks ago - really struck a chord. Totally parallels a lot of what actually is happening in the world. 1984 (Orwell) - different, but same.

I’ve said this before…the only thing I’m 100% certain of, is that we’re being lied to.


Why else would I post it…stir the pot. But seriously, we all need to sanity check our sources and not wallow on one side all the time. It gets…old…real…fast…

While some here bash the education system (e.g. “liberal indoctrination”), you need to question your own beliefs to grow as a person, and that starts with your source material. I would have a pre-frontal if all I did was follow Tucker on Fox. In fact, that would classify itself as a slower version of it :wink:

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Well, Democrats say Trump and the Republicans are lying.
Republicans say Democrats are lying.
I think its totally possible that they are both lying.
In fact, I’d say that’s almost a certainty.
Divide and conquer is a game played for the benefit of one conquerer.


Brother - many don’t nor want to understand who the real enemy is…

Ha! Now I believe both parties, for the first time in my life. LOL


Without question

And a big reason why the media is dividing us. Lemon in 2013 torn BLM alive and now he changed is mind on it. I wonder why :thinking:

Some thoughts. One is the sheer volume of left leaning sites compared to right leaning sites. My conclusion, journalists and therefore editors later in their careers substantially lean left and carry the reporting in that vein. No surprise to me.

Second, Montreal Canada… sigh… bastion of conservative thought…

Third the “conclusion” that Trump’s comment on “mail in voting being substantially fraudulent” being wrong. Let’s get this straight. “Mail in voting” as the Dems are pushing, HAVE. NEVER. BEEN. DONE. IN. THIS. COUNTRY. EVER. Absentee voting is being conflated with “mail in voting.” This is a flat lie. You have to ACTIVELY request an absentee ballot, which has been done for decades and yes for the very most part has not been a problem. However, it HAS been determined that WHEN fraud occurs, this is usually how it happens. Mail in voting IS NOT THIS. Mail in voting MAJORLY differs from absentee voting, because ballots are PUSHED without a request to EVERYONE on the current voter rolls. The problem of course, is that voter rolls are NOTORIOUSLY wrong. They are not purged of dead people. They are not purged of people who have moved to other states. THIS is the problem, because there is no chain of custody now that requires an I.D.

Example. Grampa and Grama die, Broham still lives in the house and gets three ballots, all of which go to who Broham wants to vote for. THIS is different. Yet it’s supposedly just another Trump lie. No it isn’t. The early returns in the NJ Special Election that featured this NEW mail in voting process have INDEED been “substantially” rife with fraud. 20% in NJ. I’d say 2 out of every 10 votes being tossed due to suspected fraud is freaking substantial, wouldn’t you?!

P.S. I’m sure “The Fulcrum” is a right leaning site that is totally unreliable…

Guys, let’s stay away from the race baiting.