Media deal official. 300 million dollar cap on horizon

As someone who doesn’t live in Michigan, I’m most excited about Sunday ticket leaving Directv’s hands

Aces! I’ll be dead by then.

That’s crazy!

This says ticket is staying with DirecTV/ATT

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I had absolutely no idea a new TV deal was happening anytime soon.

I wish they’d just let you subscribe to nfl network directly from them. Just that channel.


When Dak’s deal got announced they spoke on the radio locally about how Jerry is on the finance committee and knew how much the media rights deals were going to be and how the cap would explode in the upcoming years.

Ok, true. I saw that too. I just didn’t put two and two together.

Okay, this new deal has a few changes that will have a meaningful impact. I’m not sure what the Thursday games going to Amazon will look like, and it doesn’t really impact me because I have Amazon Prime. But in addition to that they said they are expanding the Sunday Night Football flexes and ADDING Monday Night Football as a flexible game!!!

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The games I’ve watched on Prime before looked fine honestly. Took a couple to spool, but was fine.

Well the Cap will go up an also at this point we will have $41,821,791 which is the amount of cap we are clearing in dead money this season.

So with more than enough cap an two First rd picks 2022 is going to be the year they make the roster deeper an stronger. Keeping the players we have like Ragnow an what we add in draft this year an likely few of the FA we have signed already .
I can see us having very strong an deep team heading into 2022 an thats not saying we will tank this year. With this staff you will earn your right to play in 2022.


Sting gotta sting players with the unfortunate situation of pandemic while owners really think the hit is temporary and business bounces back.

Those veterans protected by the rookie cap - serviceable pros likely hurt most as salary driven down or replaced by a rookie.

The owners didn’t became Billionaires by doing bad business deals.

But the way they handled the CBA and Covid knowing this type of deal is on the horizon was just masterful.

I don’t root for the rich to get richer but I appreciate a good business deal.

Doesn’t look like the basic format of this will change – meaning its ‘all or nothing’. Was hoping they would evolve to be similar to the NBA, where you can purchase games for just one team.

Was a good business deal on eve of pandemic with pretty obvious implications it could shrink cap

To give big v a big salary ?

Check out what Jim Rome says 5 minutes in

We as fans ultimately pay the cost
And owners have so much leverage vs players
Who are young dumb and full of a dream they’ll have long careers

When on average it’s more like 3-4 with injuries and turnover.

This also helps ownership in labor negotiations. Since the league turns over 2-3 times in 10 year agreements.

The players who voted yea and long gone by the next vote.

Other trade unions could have same leadership membership for 20 years

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