Media is comical about this trade

For the last 3 years, the media has trashed Matt Stafford as a QB… “not a winner”, “injury prone”, doesn’t have “it”. Now… all of the sudden, the media loves him and the Rams are going to the superbowl. I don’t get it.


Well, he just went to one of the two media markets the national sports media cares about.


And they desperately want Watson to go to the other big media market.

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Watch the media turn on the Rams if they fall below expectations. I admit Goff right now is a drop off but he still has room to grow and become a good veteran of the game. You can build around Goff and get to the big dance! I truly believe that.


It’s amazing and I’m glad the Lions took full advantage of it.

It’s unfortunate that we’ll need to be patient to see the results, but we will in a few years.

Next year, the Rams will do well and the Lions will be bad which will make everyone think the Rams “won” the trade. Then things will begin to change. The Lions will begin trending upwards while the Rams begin their descent to being a .500 team. 3 or so years down the road we will see, with clarity, that this was the right move for the Lions at this time.

Everyone will find out in due time what really happened here. Lions fans should be excited.

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While with Detroit he was ranked around 14th best QB in the league. Now with LA he’s right behind Rodgers, Mahomes, and Josh Allen all of a sudden. Umkay.

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love what Dan-O says at 9:15

Ryan Clark claims Matthew Stafford trade to Rams for Jared Goff is the first big domino - YouTube

wish it hadnt cut off on Ryan Clarks last remark at the end

lol, that’s my favorite…when people say Stafford never had talent around him.

Same people that complain about drafting 2nd round RB’s, or guys like Reggie Bush. “Never had a running game”.

Same people that forget that the 2014 Lions had one of the better defenses in NFL history. “Never had a good defense”.

Nope…never had any talent around him.

I can think of a lot of players that might have a bone to pick with that statement.

The Rams will be awesome next year…but that will quickly begin to change in the seasons following the next imo.


His numbers in 14 were pretty average too. I think his best shot was 11 with Javid Best healthy the whole year that team wins 12 to 14 games with a legit shot at the SB. No one could stop that offense with the threat of Best taking it to the house on any play then trying to cover Calvin and the rest. Typical Lions luck he got hurt and never to be seen again.

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He never had the perfect storm around him SB teams have every year. From run game, defense to head coach and coordinators etc…

Lets not forget that 2014 season how conservative and terrible Caldwell and the great Lombardi were. And that Calvin had 2 of his biggest choke moments in his career late in that playoff game vs Dallas. False start and a drop in back to back plays when they needed a first down. I wont bring up the non holding calls where Suh was held or the picked up flag and Dez removing his helmet except for that… lol

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It was mostly lions fans and local lions media that had it out for Stafford.

Everybody out here acting like Rams got Payton F****** Manning. When he went to Denver he came with playoff wins and a SB. He had completely turned the Colts franchise around. Did Stafford do that here in Detroit? F*** no he didn’t. They aint gettin what they think they’re. I’ve defended Stafford for years, but lets be realistic if all the talking heads aren’t going to be.

He never had a run game in the top 16 of the league. Sure Reggie Bush was here and some RBs were drafted, but that doesn’t mean there was a run game.

Help me out a bit, how many tackles and interceptions did Payton have?

Well don’t forget the what 5 yrs straight or whatever without a single 100 yd rusher,

Peyton Manning is an objectively superior QB no matter the surrounding cast. Are you serious implying otherwise? Because you would be wrong, 100% of the time.

This really isn’t true, just the detroit media and it’s fans trash Stafford, all most everywhere else thought highly of Stafford.

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Let’s not forget Stafford had a top 5 defense once in 12 seasons , but …I’m sure that doesn’t count.

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Great clip, Dan and Ryan echo my thoughts on it all. LA is taking their swing and there’s a bunch of pressure on Stafford, but if goes how I personally think it’ll go, they’ll be playing for Super Bowls and that’s what everyone is trying to do. I think Stafford is going to be fantastic with an actual team around him… I may get Sunday ticket just so I can watch him play, it’ll be more entertaining than the Lions next year.

"With all this in mind, the Rams’ front office moved forward, knowing that, at the very least, it had to beat a current-year top-10 pick to get Stafford. As the group worked on it, a couple things came up. One was that Brees and Aaron Rodgers had only been to one Super Bowl apiece, Russell Wilson hadn’t been back to the NFC title game in five years and Ben Roethlisberger had only gone that far once since his last Super Bowl, 10 years ago. Another was a stat that a member of the brass saw on social media.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford, in 166 starts, has only had a 100-yard rusher 11 times."

Maybe even with good teams and good organizations, it’s not easy to win Super Bowls.