Mekhi Becton is a beast

I’m of the consensus that the Lions need to get a real difference maker in this draft for their DEF. So I’m expecting us to go D in round one. But if we did trade down and drafted an OT in this deep OT class… there’s one guy that I’d love to see in Honolulu blue and that’s Mekhi Becton. This kid is a man among boys. A dominating brawler type.

Some were projecting him to go round two but I suspect he climbs draft boards and is one of the top OT’s taken. Round one is going to have a run on OT’s this year. This kid could be the best of the group.

Watch this and tell me you don’t like him. I sure hope this kid doesn’t end up on one of our NFCN rivals.

Yeah he’s gonna go in the teens so I don’t see any way we wind up with him.

My ultimate wish is that the Lions find a defensive difference making stud. A guy that teams have to game plan for. Preferably a guy that they need to double team like a DT, DE or Edge player.

However if we traded down twice and stock piles picks or if we con Mia out of two first well … then maybe I’d be ok if one of those picks were an OT, RB or WR.

Truth is I don’t see it happening but ya never know with BQ drafting. I just hope this kid doesn’t become a packer.

I can’t help but think Aaron Gibson.

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I saw one disinterested defender that got tossed. I would have to see much more to know anything

I brought him up in another thread earlier this week… He’s a massive, athletic speciman from everything I’ve read. I haven’t watched tape on him yet

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He’s got far better feet than Gibson had in his dreams.

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Well, for me it is simply with re to his size. Aaron was a huge man, so is Becton. His combine might be one of the most important one’s for a player this year.

He’s not the mauler that this Twitter post is trying to make him to be. He looks more like a dancing bear, good feet for a kid his size. He actually looks like a decent player, just not the dominating blocker. He likes to push his guys wide with his wingspan.

I’m underwhelmed by the tackle class in this year’s draft.

Really? There are probably 4-5 first round talents and a dozen OTs in the top 100 players for this draft.

He probably had quick feet around the dinner table

I like Wirfs, Wills, and Thomas at the top but after that I see a big drop off. The state of offensive line play in college football is sorry because of the style offenses that are prevalent. There are very few OLs that run traditional pro style sets. For example, Becton was mostly cut/reach blocking in the run game and short setting in his pass pro on the tape I saw.

Who are the tackles you like and what games should I scout to win me over?

After the 4 you mentioned, the following list are all OTs considered to be top 100 players. They’re not without flaws of course, but all have starting potential in the NFL.

Austin Jackson - USC
Josh Jones - Houston
Isaiah Wilson - Georgia
Trey Adams - Washington
Prince Tega Wanogho - Auburn
Lucas Niang - TCU
Calvin Throckmorton - Oregon
Robert Hunt - Louisiana-Lafayette

I have watched tape on most of these cats. I see traits but not much on film that translates to a pro style.

Not that they won’t be good—but with projection there is room for error.

Most college players are flawed… I’m just speaking about the talent at the position is not lacking in this draft. Check the bug boards, they’re all on most of them.

How do you define talent?

Talent is about more than pure physical traits. Talent includes proficiency of technique. After the top 3, this group of OTs has traits but no mastery of pro style technique (at least on tape).

I rely on my own opinion—not those of big boards or mock draft experts—I use that term generously.

I define talent as physical and mental attributes that can be developed into a contributor to a team. Each one of those players has shown abilities that warrant them to be drafted fairly high and developed into starting caliber players. Some will work out, some won’t, but the talent is undeniable.

Technique is coached and is an acquired skill, nothing to do with talent. It’s their talent that makes them able to execute what they’re being coached to do. Some players fit some schemes and not others… See Tomlinson here vs SF, the talent is the same, but the coaching changed.

Based on what though? Journalists opinions?

Based on scouting