Mekhi Becton is a beast

I was pleasantly pleased with Becton to that kid has it !

DJ and Brooks have been raving about him for weeks. Wirfs is the funny one to me. I think if we even looked at DJ’s ranking 1.0 and compare it to 2.0 we’ll see Wirfs fell. I imagine 3.0 will have a rise again. :slight_smile:

I just don’t like guys that are TOO big. Ogden was 6’9" but he was only 318lbs when he came-out of college.
Becton scares me…and not in a good way.

yeah he’d be an anchor on our o-line , let defenders try to bowl him over or push him backwards lol.

I guess I’d ask why? It’s rare for a player who is this big to be this physically gifted but in the few instances where they were they had NFL success both on the OL and DL.

Bryant McKinnie comes to mind 6’8 and 360 pounds. Everyone always believed his advertised weight was light too. Because the guy was gigantic.

Korrey Stringer is another big one. It’s sad what happened to him however. Min likes big OL obviously so you have to wonder if they would grab him.

Shaun Rogers was 6’4 350 plus lbs too.
Leonard Davis is another big DL who was over 350 lbs.

I’m sure we could also show some failures like Aaron Gibson but he wasn’t nearly as athletic as Becton is. Not to mention he had a problem keeping weight off. He once weighed in at 410lbs.

When it comes to big physically gifted guys I think the most important trait is work ethic and keeping in shape. Everything I’ve read on this kid is that he’s a hard worker. I like Becton and I think he will have NFL success.

When I first started this thread I hadn’t seen a single mock that had him in round one. A few had him in late round 2. I knew this kid would be a first rounder and now they’re talking top 10 and some think he will go #4.

I’m predicting there will be more OT taken in the first round than any other position. Super talented class.

Remember when our resident draft expert told us a month ago Andrew Thomas is a no branier slam dunk to be the 1st tackle taken.

Dude won’t crack the top 3

I like big, I dont like too tall…that’s where it gets scary and guys struggle with leverage.

It is a premium position and there’s some really good top end OT help so it wouldn’t shock me. there’s also some good top end WR and DL/Edge help too. How many OL do you think go round 1?

This draft stacks up well for GB. Damn it packers!

I’m guessing 6, maybe 5

I think there will be 5 QBs taken as well

Thanks for the reply. That makes sense his size could provide some leverage concerns but this kid hasn’t really shown any real leverage issues. Mainly because he has good length and he does a great job of using it to keep defenders off him. I guess we will have to see how he does against NFL DE’s. I suspect like most OT’s that his physical traits will effect how he matches up. I think he will excel against the bigger more physical DL but could struggle against speed types. Forcing teams to help chip in those situations.

I like the kid but I don’t think he will become a Lion. I just don’t want to see him in Min, CHI or GB.

My problem with Becton is the tape. He’s a stud when he’s run-blocking but a poor pass-blocker. Everyone’s overly enamored with his freaky athleticism at that size (which admittedly puts his upside through the roof), but PFF for example has him ranked as their 67th best prospect. I’m not that low on him, but this top 10 talk to me does not match his tape.

I tend to agree with you to an extent.

When this thread started most mocks and so called draft sites had him in round two or 3. Many of them haven’t caught up yet. Here’s one that still thinks he’s a 3rd rounder. I swear there are posters here who are more knowledgeable and accurate than many of these sites.

Part of the reason I started this thread was I thought he’d be a solid 1st rounder and the mocks didn’t think so. I contend that it’s a deep class and I never thought he’d be the top OT taken and that there are more complete players available. So I thought maybe if the Lions trade down (got another first or 2 seconds) that they might have the ammo to draft him with their second pick.

If he goes top 10 I believe the team reached purely because of his measurables. I feel the same way about LB Justin Simmons. Both should go 10-20 (Simmons) 15-25 (Becton) in my book. That’s just my opinion and I’ll admit I’ve been wrong before. But I’m never two rounds off … lol

Ya know it’s funny how all the mocks had him late round 2 or later. Some had him in the mid rounds even.

Now they are going the other extreme top 5 - top 10?

Truth is he was a first round grade the whole time.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating the Lions take an OT but it’s a deep OT class and a deep WR class. The value to take one is there. We should be able to trade down stock up some picks and get some quality talent. Some real studs. If we do decide to go OT than Becton could be a steal if the opportunity presents itself.

a lot of teams could go after Becton , I don’t see him lasting long , high doubts he falls out of the first round.

Lol, he won’t make it out of the top 10…I can see the Giants taking him at 4

I’m big on him and some are now projecting him that high but I think once things settle down that he won’t be the first OT taken. But he’s a solid first rounder.

I think Thomas may be the fourth tackle of the board at this point. Still a really good player IMO. Just a really strong tackle class at the top this year

Additionally Jackson and Jones both have a chance to be really good blindside tackles.

I don’t see the edge talent in this draft. Not like last year. Maybe that puts more of a premium on Young though I’m not that personally high on him.

Ton of WRs and OT though.