Mel kipper has tua going to lions

If Stafford is done, then yes. But it’s do or die for Quin, and MP. So I doubt we take a QB here.

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People with jobs on the line get rookie QB’s to extend their shelf life all the time.

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Not a chance this happens–not with a GM fighting for his job.

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I disagree with this. Steve Wilks got fired, Todd Bowles got fired, Hugh Jackson got fired, John Fox got fired, Jay Gruden got fired, Pat Shurmur got fired, on and on and on. A rookie QB is a terrible thing for a coach, so if they do make this pick, I’d say good on Quinntricia, as it would show they’re NOT sacrificing the future for the present. I far prefer Young or a trade down, but if they believe he’s the next great thing, so be it.

Back-up QB is a valuable position - Detroit loses Stafford again and the season is lost. If Tua was there to replace him than the season isn’t lost.

Given Stafford’s questionable health, it could be argued getting a QB is the absolute right choice both for this season and the future.

If they don’t draft a QB high, they better spend real money on a back-up. Not having a game ready back-up shows total lack of preparedness and that is totally on them. QB’s get hurt, your next man up needs to be ready to play. Not having that is a firable offense. Especially if it happened two years in a row.

All I can say to this is, whoever drafts Tua, and when he starts to play, whenever that may be. And he goes to scramble, looking for his target, they won’t be looking at the developing play and enjoying a football game. They will be cringing and wondering is this the play (then starting a prayer don’t let it be Lord) that he gets hurt.

After the play thinking, whew!! Good job Tua!!
Now let me rewatch that play again!! Because I missed it!

Tell me that won’t happen. Because it will.

It’s not if, it’s going to be when a hip injury is going to happen again. It’s when. His hip is NOT going to stand up to a NFL pounding.

He has the skills, no doubt. But these players are not built like a normal human being. They are built like a machine. They have the ability to ripping off your head every play. And it happens every game when one team starts to lose their cool.

I personally was hoping, he would have ended his career. I would not want anyone to endure what he went through. (knowing I have hip replacement in 13 days) And to know his chances will be higher of it happening again, drives chills down my spine.

This is simply a click bate mock for Kiper. He needs to keep his audience engaged. It’s something new to talk about with Todd McShay. New content is still king.


Lol. If he needs click bait talking about the Lions isn’t the way to generate clicks. No one cares about the Lions outside of Detroit.

Iggy it’s not the Lions connection, it’s the Tua connections man.


Exactly. How many teams are interested in Tua? Miami is not exactly a small market. It would be shocking for DET to draft a QB when they already have a top QB of their own. And the team owner gave them a win now mandate or get fired. I could see teams trying to get the #2 pick to ensure they will get Tua.

At first I thought they’d never trade Stafford but I think there is some real smoke there, based on Kelly Staffords comments. This is going to be a wild draft, the craziest in decades for the Lions. Nothing will surprise me.

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You’d think but you’d also think that would mean we’re keeping Slay too. But rumor is Slay is done. So it appears BQ doesn’t seem to worried about his job.

Mel seems to think Tua sits a year behind Stafford.

You can disagree all you want but I could also make a list much longer than yours where coaches DIDN’T get fired after a rookie QB campaign.

I’m starting to notice a pattern on this board lol…

Mock Draft posters like: “Oooooh guys, check out this awesome mock draft I just found.”

Mock Draft posters don’t like “This is nothing but click bait!”

No you can’t. The coaches who survive are first-year guys who bring in a QB with them (Doug Pederson & Wentz) or established guys (Reid, Harbaugh, BOB). There are far, far more coaches who get fired within 2-3 years. In fact the numbers are pretty damning.

Steve Wilks was a first year guy. And so now you are putting limits of “2-3” years on my claim of “extended” even though 1 year qualifies? Got it.

Fans love debating the grass color on the other side of the fence.

We had this same conversation about glassy Matt his first two yrs getting injured. And here we are again after his strongman revival for what ten yrs.

No one … not I can predict the future. But, using common sense imho, our coaches went long term with Matt already in handling his injury. They took the long road and gave him almost half the season to heal up along with this offseason as well … I said it before and I’ll say it again, they keep him on the active roster out of respect and also to let him prep with the new OC and learn the system more, he even got to be coach for a little imo working with the other QBs. Our coaches - any worthwhile coach - plans to win on Sunday but they held Matt out for 2020 and beyond… yep buzz tag there!

They are sticking with him until the wheels fall off imo. The could grab Tau… but if they do he benched for a yr or more. I don’t see it.

The plan I see is long term for Matt…

But, no one! Nor I can tell the future so we will see!

No matter the path MP takes, I hope we win!!

19-0 until proven otherwise baby!!

Who knows, anything could happen. It’s mid-February.

But here’s an oldie but goody.

Personally, I love it. More kerosene for the trade fire.