Mel Tucker

What if she was just a secret agent working for MSU to help get them out of that terrible contract.

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Polanski needs to make this into a masturbation centric Film Noir before he dies.

At least he wasn’t tugging it on a Zoom Call with video on

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If you gave me Florida hotel room as a possible crime scene in Clue, I’d go with it every time.

I think I found Mel’s next gig!

Off broadway revival of Cats as Rum-Tum Tugger

Have a nice rum cocktail and settle down to a perverse, preening and independent Tug, Mel!

Firing is official.

“The university terminated Tucker’s contract for his admitted and undisputed behaviors which have brought public disrespect, contempt and ridicule upon the university; and constitute a material breach of his agreement, and moral turpitude,” said MSU.

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Starts the 30 day clock on the fired coach transfer window.
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Narduzzi. Even Pitt beat writers think he’s gone.

I think Narduzzi would be a solid hire and better than any coach I would have expected to be interested.

That would be dog shit if it happens. One he turned it down 1st meaning he knows its money or his time is up in Pittsburgh. Two he ripped on msu before.

Michigan fans that never went there and zero connections, jacking it to Tom Brady . Trying to be fit like the coach they wanted gone in 2020
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Btw he needs to be fired.

What the?

Seems like the perfect fit to me. It will be harder for Narduzzi to maintain a level of success at Pitt vs MSU. He needs NIL support. He would have a bit of a rebuild at State, but long term I think it’s the better coaching option for him.

I do think the lure to get into the Big 10 is bigger than it has been in the past. There are some other names I’ve seen floated that would be solid hires as well. They won’t lure the flashy names, but they don’t need to. They just need stability and to rebuild their knock your teeth in culture. I think MSU will be just fine.

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Tucker took a .38 special to his head coaching career

Nah, he killed it with his bare hands.

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well…maybe not BARE

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What a s*** show, half of the problem MSU is having revolves around an administration that should have been broomed. Similar to our political system, it’s become incestuous. The circle the wagons to protect ineffective decision makers, trusting them to make decisions in the best interest of anyone other than themselves, continues to amaze me. If true, here is yet another example:

I don’t know if the article is correct or not but I had heard this a week or two back. Some speculating it was leaked to able MSU to get out of the contract.

If any of my taxes go to fund their athletics, can we please stop? It’d do less harm to just burn the money in a fire pit… or, I suppose, a couch sitting on someone’s porch.

He still should be fired. So who cares you leaked it.