Melvin Gordon to end holdout early

I guess his holdout is coming to an end prematurely. The fact that his backups aren’t having trouble producing is probably the main factor. Between them Ekeler and Jackson are averaging 100 yards rushing and another 70 yards receiving per game. In other words if you took that production level out for an entire season you’d get 1,600 yards rushing and 1,100 yards receiving. They are averaging 5.2 yards per carry and would have 21 TDs. LOL That’s not how it would all unfold, I presume. But I just wanted to show what the current production rate was. Gordon “decided” it was time to come back.


Place his ass on IR!

Cool. Bring them another weapon that our division foes have to worry about. Hope he kills it for the rest of the season…


But the truth still is that their current RB by Committee is equaling what he gave them and his value is going down every week

I would LOVE to see them keep him inactive for as many games as he missed. His bit about coming back by week 6 (or whatever) was incredibly arrogant.

They would have to pay him to sit out

Yup, you’re spot on. I’d still love to see it. Quite the slap in the face. “Oh, you’re back? Well, we don’t need you. No need to dress this week”.

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RIght. Teams should make emotional and vindictive decisions to help them win football games. Shouldn’t treat these things like business decisions or anything.

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If I owned the team, my position would be that we’ll talk to anyone on an extenstion, but the answer may be “no”. But if you hold out on a valid contract, we won’t say a word and won’t answer the phone. I’ve never liked holdouts. He signed, he should follow through. It shows lack of character.

So let me get this straight. Your evil genius plan is to give Gordon exactly what he wants?

How is that what he wants? If he’s back, he’s back. The reason he’s back early is that the other guys are showing him up. If they sucked, he’d be laughing his ass off at home. So yeah, when he comes back, I wouldn’t even dress him. Hell, it’s not like he’s going to sign a new deal with them next year. Sit his ass, play the other guys and move on.

You aren’t quite grasping what I’m saying. Part of sitting out is the ability to preserve your body. What sucks about sitting out is that you aren’t getting paid. What also sucks is that you have to come back by midseason, or else you don’t accrue another season in the NFL. So you are forced to come back and play, putting your body at risk, so you can get closer to free agency.

So your evil plan is to allow him to sit out, preserve his body, get paid AND get one step closer to free agency? Do you realize how many guys would freely take that deal if offered?

I get your point. The reason I say that is 2 fold. First, as I said earlier, I hate holdouts. So for me, sitting anyone, regardless of how good is just an FU2. Childish and petulant? Sure.

Second, in Gordons case, he sat because he thought he was hot shit and had leverage. Now, if the team doesn’t dress him, especially if the other guys are playing well, than the message is “we don’t’ need you, we can pull guys off the street that are just as good”. Now obviously Gordon is good, and someone in FA would grab him, but that message of “we don’t care enough about you to even dress you” is still there. Kind of like dumping a girlfriend and she’s got a date an hour later and you don’t.

Its official, Gordon is reporting today but won’t play vs Miami this week. He’ll have a few games to get his legs back under him before playing the Bears and Packers in back to back weeks (7 and 8).

But it’s a two way street. Do you have issues with owners/GMs that cut guys before their contract is up? The NFL chews up and spits out players, especially after injury. There’s a reason they call it Not For Long.

No, I have no problem with that because the players agreed to it. No one agreed to holdouts. It’s like a strike. Now, if Gordon was not under contract and was trying to do a deal, than that’s fine, but to me, if you sign on the dotted line, you do what you agreed to do, like a man. If the players don’t like that, they can negotiate something more to their liking, and if the new deal says they can hold out, than more power to them.

To paraphrase: Its ok for owners to not honor contracts. Only the players are required to honor the contracts.

The CBA allows them to holdout. The owners agreed to that.

Just the opposite. Owners ARE honoring contracts. See the CBA. Don’t like it? Don’t include it.

I doubt it. If that was the case, there wouldn’t be fines.